C Program to Calculate Simple Interest

Here you will get C program to calculate simple interest. The formula for simple interest is given below:

P x r x t ÷ 100

Where, P is principal, r is rate and t is time.

Lets have a look on program to calculate simple interest.

C Program to Calculate Simple Interest


void main()
    float p,r,t,si;

    printf("Enter principal,rate and time:");

    printf("\nSimple Interest = %f",si);


Enter principal,rate and time:50000

Simple Interest = 4000.000000

Comment down below if you have any queries regarding how to calculate simple interest in C.

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  1. E. Chakradhar chowdary

    I was an fresher in programming pls help me to learn more for my better future is trust you will help me

    1. always ready to help…
      try! try! & try!
      i will recommend you to start with python programming language bcz it will develop confidence and the basic knowledge which will help u in learning different programming languages.

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