Complete guide to run any program from this blog

Complete guide to run any program from this blog
Hello everyone, few days ago one of my blog visitor sent me a mail. He was facing problem to run program from this blog. That’s why I thought that I should write a small guide regarding this. The step by step process is given below by which you can easily run or use any program form this blog on your computer.

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How to run any program

1. First of all copy the whole program that you want to use.
2. Now open notepad and paste the whole code that you have just copied.
3. Save it with any name and with .cpp extension for c++ program and with .c extension for c program, for example program.cpp as shown in above picture.
4. After that copy and paste this notepad file to Bin folder.
5. Open Turbo C compiler and open the program that you have just copied.
6. Now just compile and run it.

How to run graphics program

It may be possible that some graphics program will show error and not run on your computer. So to remove errors just change the path c:\tc\bgi to the path of bgi folder because it contents the file which is needed to run graphics program.

If you have further queries than feel free to ask.

3 thoughts on “Complete guide to run any program from this blog”

  1. How to change the path c:tcbgi to the path of bgi folder??
    I'm not able to run C++ graphics programs
    I've tried many compilers(turbo c++,DEV,Visual Studio) but graphics is not working in c++

  2. I want to create a c++ header file which contains the classes too. I saw many examples which is for c with functions only. Can you help me?

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