Turbo C++ for Android – How to Download and Install

Here you will get step by step guide to download and install Turbo C++ for Android platform.

If you are from India and have started learning C/C++ programming from your school days then you have definitely used Turbo C++ compiler. Still many schools, colleges and institutions in India prefer Turbo C++ for teaching students (don’t know about other countries). I do not recommend you to use Turbo C++ compiler for android because it is very outdated (about 23 years old). There is another option i.e. C4droid, it is an awesome C/C++ IDE that supports gcc compiler.

Turbo C++ for Android - How to Download and Install
So, lets come to main topic on which I am writing this article. In windows we use DosBox Emulator for running Turbo C++ for Android, in the same way we need an emulator for android platform which is known as AnDosBox. So without wasting much time lets take a look how we can use Turbo C++ for android platform.

Turbo C++ for Android – Steps to Download and Install

1. First of all download Turbo C++ for Android from link given below:
2. It is compressed so you need to extract it. This can be done by any compression tool like Easy Unrar. You can download it from play store for free.
3. Now after extracting you will get a folder TC and an apk file AnDosBox.
4. Install AnDosBox and move TC folder in your sd card, remember that TC folder must be in sd card not in any other subfolder.
5. Now open AnDosBox that you have already installed. It will look same as like DoxBox that is used in windows.
6. Enter below lines or commands and press enter after each line. You can get the keyboard by pressing the option button situated at left side of your device.
cd tc
cd bin

Turbo C++ for Android - How to Download and Install


Turbo C++ for Android - How to Download and Install

7. If everything will be done correctly then after entering last command a blue screen will open and it is Turbo C++ for Android. You can control the pointer by moving your finger on your touchscreen.

For understanding this tutorial easily I have added a video below that will help you in downloading and installing turbo c++ for android.

Now just go and install it, write and run your program and share your experience with me. Feel free to ask if you are getting any problem.

Note: If you are unable to change to directory TC then move the TC folder in internal storage and try the process again.

Comment below if you are facing any difficulty to download and install Turbo C++ for Android.

Happy Coding!! 🙂 🙂

245 thoughts on “Turbo C++ for Android – How to Download and Install”

  1. I have installed it and is successfully installled but its not taking commands when i opened that application plz help me out soon

    1. I am able to download and install the software, and writing the programme on it.But i don’t knrow why I am not able to compile it and got the output.

    2. Hy bro ….. first you change keyboard in English (India)
      Then you try to write command ….
      I am sure… it will work

      1. Looks like u know something about this stuff..
        Am using letv 1s which doesnt support a SD card.
        Now what am I supposed to do .I mean where should I extract the TC folder to?????

    3. after opening andosbox..type
      cd tc
      and then enter then
      cd bin
      and then enter and then
      press enter again and u will be satisfied with ur prblems

      thank u

    1. It is showing this error because TC folder is not at correct place, just move it to sd card and try again, it will surely work.

        1. I m Redmi not 3 user..every step I found coorecr bt one step that is to move tc folder on sd card it’s wrong.when I did these it unable Nd not working but when I move to internal it’s work..

          It’s really a good aap.thank you soooooooooo much

    2. Maybe bcoz u havr made the new folder with some other name and not tc……mow rename that folder to ‘tc’ and then type…..
      cd tc
      cd bin

    1. Here after giving tc command it is showing a type of error – unable to change to: tc now what should i do to able it

    1. Just click on the link given in the article, then after 5 seconds click on "skip this ad" button located at top right of the page, after that you will be redirected to download page, there click on the download button to download the file.

        1. Just click on option button at left bottom side of your mobile, now a small option window will open, there select option "Resize". I have also explained the process in above video tutorial.

          1. Hey..in my mbl command is not working
            It showing me that unable to change to:tc when i typed the first comment cd tc and shows illegal commands for the rest.. How to solve it?

  2. I have moved TC folder to 'sd memory' n even reinstalled the app many times.But still, its unable to change its directory to tc.Please sort this problem out….

    1. Actually I have tested this in gingerbread and jeally bean. May be it is not working in kitkat. Try the process again, it might work.

  3. Hi guyz.
    I also had the same problem of "unable to change".
    There are 2 types of sd card in kitkat
    1-Internal meomry (sdcard0)
    2-external memory (sd card1)
    so paste the "TC" folder in internal memory (sd card0).
    It should work.
    Mine worked

  4. Thanks a lot worked on my phone..though the sounds were not working…plz reply if u know how

    If you want to start turbo-c directly,find the file dosbox.conf in your internal memory,open it using a text editor and add the line you type in start
    ie: cd tc
    cd bin

    note:add these at the very end of the file…(also DO NOT remove anything from the file)
    now turbo-c will start up by itself every time u open the dosbox app..

  5. Shubham Meharkure

    I have done same stamps shown in video. But still not working. While entering command,msg it show "unable to Change tc" after pressing enter key.. Tell me solution

    1. Try to change the location of TC folder. Try the whole process by placing TC folder in internal storage.

  6. Got it, just copy your 'Tc folder to internal memory as well
    As to the external memory .
    Search for 'dosbox.conf' and add
    cd tc
    cd bin
    To the last lines (open it using text editor ,etc)
    Best of luck:-)

    1. First of all open dosbox then type ‘cls ‘ then ‘cd’ then ‘cd\tc\bin ‘ the lastly ‘tc’
      I am xamm shre that jt will work no copy pasting required

  7. i have typed and saved a program as nee.c
    but when I am running the program ….
    I am getting a msg like " nee.c is up to date ".
    and i can't get the out put screen

  8. I am not able to do full screen …..its getting to cover only one third portion of screen… What should i do.??

    1. Press option key, a small window will slide up, there select Resize option to on full screen. You can watch above video, I have clearly explained this.

  9. I installed andosbox in my Asus mobile and it installed . I copied tc to sdcard and wen I open dosbox and if I type CD etc its not displaying in screen

  10. look i did everything as you said i got installed it ran i mounted it ,everything was good then i typed a graphics code ,when i compiled it it showed success but when i ran it ,it shows a error saying undefined symbol -closegraph in module noname.cpp
    Heres the code
    void main()
    int gd=DETECT,gm;
    i ran this simple code to try it
    it got compiled successfully but when i tried to run it showed error that i mentioned before
    please help and reply i really want to enjoy programming on my phone.

  11. I installed anDOSbox on my android device and put the TC folder on the internal memory of the phone. The thing is working fine until you work with graphics. When you use graphics.h you need to initgraph() and give the address to the BGI folder right. There I tried all the possible methods to link it to BGI by trying out addresses. But here it says linker error. How to give address to BGI on android device.

    1. This error is coming because graphics library is not enabled for linking. To enable it go to Options > Linker > Libraries and check the Graphics Library option. I hope this will solve your problem.

  12. I tried to run the simple hello world program using this ide but out of five instructions three were error prone saying unable to open iostream.h file and unable to open conio.h file and getch() should have prototype why it is unable to include the iostream file please answer fast

  13. to run c use TC folder in the data folder in the Android folder then open Andosbox click on START ENUMILATOR NOW TO get the kebord click at the bottom of the screen now type
    CD android
    CD data
    CD tc
    CD bin
    it worked for me hope for u 2

  14. I installed d app….its instructing that mount c to some game direactoy …wat actually game directory is???

  15. I have installed it and is successfully installled but its not taking commands when i opened that application plz help me out soon

  16. I have installed it and is successfully installled but its not taking commands when i opened that application plz help me out soon

  17. Superb app man….
    Awesome… thus is working… other app that i have seen are worst and they doesn’t work too…Bt this was amazing…

    Thnku so much…!!

  18. Gr8est app

    I really want to thank u Mishra Ji for ur best contribution

    I nvr write reviews bt ur work really forced me to write here

    I really want to thank you again.

  19. Shlok Srivastava

    Thank u very much sir for this awesome software. It runs perfectly on my android. Best software indeed………

  20. Use ES file explorer for extracting and moving the TC folder into internal sd card(which is also known as sdcard0 and also known as secondary internal).
    And hacker’s keyboard is the best for typing programs…… COOOOOOLLLLL…….

  21. After giving two commands as cd tc and cd bin,directory changes ti bin but the next command again tc shows an error as ‘illegal command tc ‘. Please resolve my problem

  22. Sir can you please help me.. When i try to type programs and i want to delete some lines of my typed program. My clear button won’t work. It can only delete one or two charracter and after that it wont delete anymore even if i pressed so many times also

  23. harshit chaudhary

    everything is fine but when i open aap there is problem in putting commands i tried all command to open it but it is showing illegal command plzzz help meeee

  24. agar aap kisi Ki v unable to change tc Ki problem h to aap sbse phle dosbox ko extract kre phir aap ko two new file dikhenge jisme ek tc aur ek andosbox app rhega phir is baar tc wale file ko extract kre to aapko ek tc naam ka folder dikhega aap tc file ko us tc folder me paste kr de aur us tc folder ko internal storage me rkhe kisi sub folder m nhi….uske baad jo andosbox h usko install kre
    …aapki problem dur ho jayegi………….

  25. Your given video work on my android tab 4.4 kit kat iball slide staller A2 .
    Its grate .
    but can you give us video on exe file (like cdf player 10.2.0) run on android tab perfectly.

  26. i have done every thing correct

    but i dont know why when i run my program(or even the example programs from inside ) it displays ERRoR.
    is ther any one who can help me solve this problem.please

  27. It installed successfully but when i tried to type command cd tc it shows message ” unable to change to tc”….

  28. Hey.. I’m having programs noted down in my notepad in mobile.. Is there anyway I can copy them to c++ except for typing word by word.. Pls help… It’s required fast…

      1. plz help me ..
        i followed your process and opened the AnDosBox but “tc” is main problem..
        There always seen unable to move, ivalid format etc2..
        How I fix that problem..

        How I can open the Turbo c++ and run the program ??

        please give me feedback..as soon as you can

  29. I am still having the former problems. When i type my program and try to run it says that unable to include the file stdio.h and conio.h its so embarrasing. Anyone who has run the programs please help me as soon as possible

  30. hello sir……..i am a engg. student and i installed Andosbox but when i open it then it does not take the command
    cd tc
    cd bin
    i move the tc folder in external storage but it does not run…..it give the error “unable to move tc”
    plz tell me sir how to fix this problem…..and my mobile o.s. is 5.1.1

  31. Thanks alot…..Its working nice on my samsung mobile…But still iam not not satisfied…..hence its nice. I’ll explain you clearly how to install and run.STEP 1:First of all you have to download a Turbo c andriod zip file from anywhere from the web.
    STEP 2:You need an Andriod zip pro or any other zip app to extract its files,then you have have to extract the Turbo c andriod file which you have downloaded.
    STEP 3:After extacting u’ll get an apk file and an TC zip file,you have to install that apk and u have to extract the TC zip file also.
    STEP 4:After extracting TC zip file u’ll get some files.Create an TC folder in your internal storage and paste all the files in TC folder which you have extracted from TC zip file.
    STEP 5:Run the apk file which u have already installed and type: cd tc
    cd bin
    And then you get the Turbo c++

  32. Sir I installed andosbo and move the TC to SD card but when I enter the starting cammand CD bin
    CD TC
    It will nt wrk
    Sir what I do

  33. I am unable to download turbo c++ from sh.st/r5mbt.after download turbo c++ it shows a message (can not open file) … …

  34. hello..

    i just cant pursue installing the file in my phone. It says ” The system does not support this type of file “.
    What should I do?

    1. You have to extract the file using some extraction application and then do the further process. Just follow each step mentioned in this article carefully.

  35. Its superb i like it very much niw i can make my c++ program without computer. Thanks to all who made this app.

  36. After extracting the rar file
    I am not get the tc folder n that apk file
    then i installed the andosbo app from play store n then open it
    Then I type the command
    CD tc
    CD bin
    But it is showing illegal key
    What to do sir???
    Plz tell me

  37. when i typed cd tc and press enter the statement
    “unable to change to: tc” comes then how to solve this problem…..
    i have try this tc folder moved in internal and external both but the same problem occurs.
    please help

  38. I have written a program and compiled but when I click the run command it is not running and the output is also not coming what can I do pls help
    And the backspace key is also not working when I enter into the compiler
    Pls help neeraj mishra

  39. after installing I m not able to run it because it is in phone memory and I do not have SD card… what should l do???

  40. Mine is marshmallow and I don’t have any menu/task button on my phone ; so how to get the keyboard and resize the screen.
    Hoping for your reply ASAP.

  41. narahari mengane

    I have some problem about typing an commmands when i open this app ,it just accept any symbols and numbers but it cant accept any alphabet.
    Please help me….

  42. Thanks this is work. And if you unable to change you must wrong put the folder, you must try to change in internal or eksternal memory and sorry for bad my english

  43. What can I do if I don’t want to insert sd card and saving to folder to the internal memory. Will that work or it must need to save tc to the sd card I mean is that necessary

  44. Shivansh Thapliyal

    I have 4.2.2 device. The inbuilt keyboard isn’t working in landscape rotation but working on portrait. The keyboard is just being shown like a picture no touch is working on keyboard only… Plz help

  45. I have downloaded and extracted the files. I moved the TC file into my sdcard storage space and I have installed the AnDosBox.But when I type the codes, it’s not working as I saw in the above pics .
    It’s showing:” Unable to change to TC
    Unable to change to bin”

  46. Thanks a ton for this blog . Helps to get back tobthe familiar TurboC++ scteen . After successfully compiling the program , the output is not being displayed . When I press Ctrl+F9 , it again compiles , but no output screen is displayed . Any ideas or suggestions ? Plz help .

  47. Is there any way ro make program in windows phone… Pls help me rand rply soon to my email id.
    Thank you.

  48. When I open andosbox and then start emulator then only two line appear:
    Drive C is mounted as local directory /sdcard /
    What to do next if I have extracted and moved the TC folder in my sd card as well as phone storage

  49. hey! i am a letv 2 user which doesnt have an option for sd card slot and after typing those commands on dos box nothing is happening..
    what to do now??

  50. Even I am also having the same problem. I have moved tc folder to sd card and then I have installed it but they are saying unable to change tc file then again I moved to internal memory it is showing the same thing. Please help!

  51. After installing it I am giving those comments but they are showing unable to change TC unable to change bin. I have also moved TC files to as card and installed it. When it didn’t work I have also moved to internal memory but same result. Please help me out!

  52. How to created link for graphics after ctrl +f5 it says link not created.
    I’m trying to create circles.
    Int gd=0,gm;

    Tell me path.

  53. Onkar Jahagirdar

    Hey.. it installed successfully. But it opened with a very small display. What should I do? I am using Redmi Note 4.

  54. Sharvari babhale

    I am able to download all the required files. But it is not working after entering the 3 commands . What should I do?

  55. sir ..its not taking commands when i click …cd tc
    it shows that unable to change to tc what to do …sir plz help all time i tried this but it shows all time this

  56. hi ,i did everything as per your command,
    but after opening doxbox i typed those commands.it is telling {unable to change to:tc}
    please help me.

  57. what to do ?
    it shows unable to change to tc
    installations are done and i moved the tc folder to ext.sd card but still it shows unable to change to tc
    plz help me

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