Why Are Custom Web Designs No Longer In Trend

has been an overwhelming importance given to custom web designs off-late. Even
if a company got its website developed by the de facto best web designers in
town, eventually, they want the “custom” power in their hands. The ability to
make changes on the fly, as and when they want, is what has driven these
companies to get a greater control over how they wish to tailor the design even
after it has been delivered to them in a manner most furnished. Now, this has
led to many designers creating a design or a theme that leaves a lot of scope
for customization, and in the process, it also leaves a lot to be desired
Why Are Custom Web Designs No Longer In Trend
But all
said and done, the trend is reversing and more and more brands are beginning to
realize that what they need is surety of a design rather than something that
needs to be altered every once in a while. Let’s look at a few reasons why
custom web design is no longer as desirable as it was a year ago:

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has a Worth

When we
bring “custom” to web design, we give the power of creating something to the
general customer. Now, this also hints that the customer has a more clear-eyed
idea of how a web design should look like than a professional designer does,
and that’s a fallacy that can bring a design down to its feet. When we are
designing something for a client, they would arguably want something that can
have a control over, without realizing that they plan to tinker around with a
design that was fulled by individuals who have invested years in gaining
experience and expertise in web design.

Now, to avert a scenario where your
client dismantles a piece of design you delivered to them (which can end up
being a blotch on your portfolio), it serves you well to get rid of “custom”
altogether and make designs that are most ideally designed and don’t need to be
tinkered around with.

are Least Bothered if the Site is Custom or Not

What a
suite of clients fail to realize that the website created by the designers is
eventually a pitch for the end-users, and not for the client. The users want a
website that gives them access to all the information they want to gather, even
visual appeal of the website doesn’t matter to them much.

Navigation and Quality of Content the Site Matters, Not How “Spellbinding” it

All they
need is a website that’s easy to navigate, and contains content that is
informative and at the same time, written creatively enough to intrigue them.
If your users have to struggle looking for the categories or menu on the site,
you have already started on a wobbly note.

Templates Available Today are Richer in Functionality and Form

was indeed a time when the readymade themes and templates looked pretty
uninspiring. However, thanks to websites like themeforest.com, the scenario has
transformed by leas and bounds. Today, we have access to readymade themes that
are visually inspiring, compatible with different browsers and devices,
responsive, fast-loading, hand-coded, and most importantly of all, very

Hard to Sell Something Which Doesn’t Exist as Yet

of showing a blank template to your client, with an intent to tempt them with
the possibility of how they have a complete canvas in front of them to try out,
it would serve you much better if you put on display an example of what their
website might look like.

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The Cost
Saving Factor

The Cost Saving Factor

designs prove to be a major hole in the pocket for companies as opposed to
fixed templates. Also, they take a lot of time to get completed due to the
changes back and forth. You need to rewire the whole design, keep modifying the
SEO and mobile-friendly capabilities (which can be made perfect on the first go
if “custom” is not a constraint, installing fluff features using the unnecessary
plugins, etc.


Custom web designs have their share of incentives, but they have more to do
with the frills and the fluff which is only needed in much smaller doses. So,
whether you are a web designing service provider or a company looking for one,
it’s time to hand over the reins in the hands of web designers who know how add
exclusivity to your designs and click your website into top gear.


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