Online Photo Editors – Top 4 Online Tools That Works Like Photoshop

When it comes to the photo editing and designing, photoshop comes in mind because it features some great tools & affects inside, an easy to use tool, widely used and with user-friendly interface, that’s why people do suggest this one to others when they ask for a photo editor from them.

But here what if you are unable to download and install adobe photoshop on your computer, this is due to you can’t afford the price of this tool, or suppose you aren’t on your own computer but desire a little changes or editing in a photo. In all of the above cases you belong, you are all covered & are taken under consideration.

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In this post, we will be sharing some web-based online photo editors which are more similar to the adobe photoshop. Since there are tons of web-based photo editors available on internet, but in case you are looking for that one which has an interface like the adobe photoshop, then you are landed just to the right place because here is such things that what you are looking for!

Top 4 Online Photoshop Like Photo Editors

Now, let get started with the list of best and free online photo editors which are much like the photoshop editor. The tools listed below will looks like the photoshop, especially if you look at its features, tools, interface and other options it gives. We listed only those which are more similar to it or comparing with its different options and tools inside photoshop 



Ipiccy is amongst the world most popular and widely used online photo editor that people uses when they are not able to use photoshop on their computer. I just reached to it today and tested it from different angles, I found it an easy to use and simple one. Using this tool, you will be able to do some basic editing like resizing, fixing, rotating and cropping the images. You can also change the colors and some other advanced photo designing tools such as dodge tool, background eraser, clone burn, drawing etc. You can also add frames and some other photo affects using this tool in order to give a stunning look to your photos.

Free Online Photoshop

Free Online Photoshop

Free online photoshop is just another great web-based utility which let you either design a new creation or edit a photo after uploading. This is a great web-app for those who are familiar with adobe photoshop because its interface is just like the desktop version of photoshop. In short, you see a toolbox at the right side where most of the tools available which are in photoshop.



This is just another great tool that I would like to introduce with you suggest using this tool in case you’re required some editing in your photos or just and to give a funny look to your photos online. In order to add some special affects to your photos or making some basic editing, you don’t need to open photoshop or any other desktop app, you can make use of web-based tools like this one and can do your desire editing.

Lunapic has its toolbox at the right sidebar which can be selected to edit your photos. At the top menu-bar, many options are available which turns your photos in a way that you are desired.

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If you are looking for a simple online photo editor with ability of basic to advanced editing features for your photos then I would suggest using this tool. Pizap uses a simple interface and provide you an environment to do desire editing in your photo, you can upload a photo either from your computer, webcam, instagram, facebook etc.

That’s it dear readers! Above we shared 4 online photo editors that works just as photoshop can do. So in case you can’t open photoshop but requires editing in a photo, you can take one of the above tool and can get your work done easily.

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Basheer Ahmad, who loves to the new inventions and improvements in technology, he also love to give new look their photographs but when he can’t get into photoshop, he use the above online photoshop editor for it.

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