How to Send Email Using VB.Net

Sending and receiving emails has now become an important task in our daily life. Email service providers such as Hotmail, Gmail & Yahoo have provided their SMTP Ports so that third party developers can use them in their applications.

In visual we use SMTP i.e Simple Mail Transfer Protocol which helps us in composing electronic mails and sending them to various sources.

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How to Send Email Using VB.Net

We need to import the following namespace “Imports System.Net.Mail” in order to use the SMTP class.

About System.Net.Mail Namespace

This Namespace provides various list of classes that help us to create, send, receive and do many other email related tasks.

You can get more detailed information from the Microsoft Developer Network’s website

How to Send Email Using VB.Net

I’ll demonstrate a simple example that allows us to send emails in

1. Create a new windows form application project in visual

2. Add three labels and three textboxes and name them as given below:

Label1  –  To
Label2  –  Subject
Label3  –  Body

3. Add a button and change its text to Send.

How to Send Email Using VB.Net

4. Double click button to switch to code view and paste the code given below.

5. Change youremail with your current email address and yourpassword with your email ID’s password. Don’t forget to import the following namespace: Imports System.Net.Mail 

That’s it!! Run your Project and send a test email.

Note: It works only with Gmail Account because we have used Gmail’s SMTP Port.

5 thoughts on “How to Send Email Using VB.Net”

  1. kindly help me!
    if{there is internet connection} then
    this code works
    otherwise not

    because i want to use this code in Library Management System,email will be send on each issue & return of book to the particular student.
    Sometimes there is no internet connection so there will be error .

  2. I have been used this code in Visual Studeo 2015 with sucess. but whwn I make a new projekt in Visual Studeo 2017 it fails with the line
    SMTP.Credentials = New System.Net.NetworkCredential(“youremail”, “yourpassword”)
    as lon this line is in the code the project will not start

  3. I am using VS2012. when I run the project the following message appears” Systems.FormatException: the specifies string is not the form required for an email address at the System.NetMail.MailAddressParse.ReadcfwsAndTrowfIncomplete(string data,int32 index)

    the sentence ends vy line8 that is “MyMailMessage.To.Add(TextBox1.Text)”

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