Introduction to C Programming Language

In this tutorial you will get basic introduction to C programming language.

What is C language?

Well the answer is quite simple. It’s a procedural programming language which was designed and written by Dennis Ritchie at AT & T’s Bell Labs in 1972. In early 70s very frequently new programming languages were introduced. But after the launch of C, it slowly replaced the old languages like ALGOL. Actually no one advertises this language and even Ritchie was surprised that so many peoples were using C language. Till now many languages has come. But the popularity of C is not changed. The main reason behind it is that it is still fast, reliable and easy to use.

Introduction to C Programming LanguageKen Thompson and Dennis Ritchie


Why C should be your first programming language?

Seriously many people claim that now one should start its programming journey through C++, C# or JAVA. Well I think nobody will be comfortable while studying the advanced concepts like OOPS from the start. C is simple and easy to learn so one should start programming journey with C language.

Applications of C

C language has widely uses, some main uses are given below.

  1. Used to develop softwares that control embedded systems. Examples of some embedded systems are washing machine, microwave oven, etc.
  2. For creating computer applications.
  3. UNIX operating system is developed in C language.


The first question which will arise in our mind. What is a Compiler? Well as everybody knows Computer is a machine which process raw data into meaningful information. It cannot understand our language. It can only understand machine language. Even if we write programs in any language (like C). At the end they will be converted to machine language to process through computer.

What does Compiler do?

Compiler convert your program into machine language or binary language.

What is IDE?

IDE means Integrated Development Environment. To write any program in C language you will need an editor. After that to convert that program into machine language, you will need a compiler. IDE will combine editor and compiler into same environment. So that you can easily write the program and also compile it easily.

Well I would suggest you not to use Turbo C. Because it is very old compiler (more than 20 years). I don’t know about other countries but in Indian most of the institutes and colleges are still using it. Start your C programming journey with some modern compiler like GCC. Its available free of cost and you can download it from here. It doesn’t matter a lot which compiler or ide you are using. The main thing is to learn the logic.

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  1. thanks for tellinng me which ide i should i am doing i need one perfect ide and turbo c is really crap (in my opinion, dunno about others)..thnks..hope i will lern more from here..

  2. Dear sir, your blog is excellent. My name ramesh from Andhra Pradesh. sir can i learn good programming in this age?(38years). my dream is become a good programming. so please give me your valuable suggestions. And which are good books for learns.?

  3. Dear Sir,

    This is Shashank Acharya from A’bad and background is B.Com,M.Com,CA but tired of all the calculation data so want to diversify my saturday and sunday(Bcaz of holiday)

    I dont want to be progammer but wanna learn total new language from my field which can at least minimum revenue

    So Kindly suggest from where should i start my journey From C or Software Testing
    Or First C and then Software Testing.

    Need ur Expert Opinion

    1. According To C, You Can Use Any Name For Your Function But Then You Would Have To Tell The End User Which Function He/She Should Call In Order For That Program To Start. The Reason Why We Name Our Initial Function “Main” Is That Our Operating System Always Calls The Main Function Of The Program To Start The Program; And In Case We Ever Decide To Change That Operating Systems’ Call, For That Program, Will Fail Since Now There Is No “Main” Function To Execute.

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