UrsaJ: HTTP File Storage Software System

With an excellent growth in e-commerce, web development, cloud technology and other such technologies, improvements are constantly being done at a fast pace to attract the developers and users to use it. 

HFS is a trending tool in the internet world now. HTTP File Server is abbreviated as HFS. It is a free web-server used for sending (publishing) and receiving files over the internet. You can access your remote files over the internet using this technology.

You can limit this sharing accessibility to a group of people or even to the whole world. This technology is mainly used for sharing data which is to be downloaded by users.

HFS is an open-source technology which makes it extremely stable and robust to use. It’s very easy for anyone to check for security issues and other bugs. It can be used with Stunnel to provide HTTPS (SSL/TLS).

UrsaJ: HTTP File Storage Software System

UrsaJ File Storage is a software used to keep and manage files on your hardware within your infrastructure. UrsaJ software is one of its kinds in the market currently which provides the latest updated technological aspects in its software for file sharing over the network. 

UrsaJ is very easy-to-use software with advanced features and most important factor is reliability and development speed.

The basic requirements for this software to work efficiently are:

  • Java 1.7 or later
  • Servlet container with Servlet API 3.1 support (Tomcat 8.0+, Jetty 9.2+ and others)

To use UrsaJ HFS, you can make file uploads in Java with the HFS Setup and let your users download whatever you share.

It has a specially developed file storage Application Programming Interface which enhances your web applications as well as development time which is one of the main reasons for many programmers and developers using this software and hence it is getting popular day by day.

It provides the developers a unified and integrated File Storage Application Programming Interface (API). We don’t need to re-produce a new file management system for every new web application.

UrsaJ software provides great built-in support for hardware and hence multiple web applications can be efficiently executed using one single HTTP File Storage Server Setup.

You also get to make regular, consistent, stable and robust backups of the system irrespective of the fact that there is a processing difference between file storage snapshots and database.

This is really a great software developed to fulfill the needs of the users and to provide an excellent integrated system for file storage mechanism which is hardware efficient, gets latest updates and internet compatible.

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