PL/SQL Program to Find Factorial of a Number

Here you will get pl/sql program to find factorial of a number.

We can calculate factorial of a number by multiplying it with all the numbers below it.

For example factorial of 5 = 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 120.


PL/SQL Program to Find Factorial of a Number




Enter value for n: 10
old 7: n:=&n;
new 7: n:=10;

3 thoughts on “PL/SQL Program to Find Factorial of a Number

  1. sivananda ganapathy

    My name is Shiva. I have been lately working in PL/SQL. I have few doubts that I wanna clarify. How to use multiple procedures in same file(.sql format). I get error every time I execute it. But when I copy the same procedure separately in different file, it works. Could you give some examples of the same?

  2. sruthi

    i cant understand what are you saying???plzz give more information about this content.


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