Python Program to Check Armstrong Number

Here you will get python program to check armstrong number.

A number is said to be an armstrong number if sum of its digits raised to the power n is equal to itself. Here n is total digits in number.

For example 370 is armstrong number.

Here n = 3, so 33 + 7+ 0= 27 + 343 + 0 = 370

Python Program to Check Armstrong Number


enter a number: 370
armstrong number

Comment below if you have any queries related to above program for armstrong number in python.

13 thoughts on “Python Program to Check Armstrong Number

    1. Vanshika

      temp is a variable which is temporarily storing the value of num

    2. Muskan Maheshwari

      Temp is just a variable,you can also use any other variable in place of temp as i, x

    1. Tarun Sura

      “==” in programming this symbol means “is equal to” same way “=!” means “not equal to”
      so if temp is not equal to 0 execute the below code.

    1. Muskan Maheshwari

      len is a function that is used for measuring the length of the number in given example


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