Python Program to Check Armstrong Number

Here you will get python program to check armstrong number.

A number is said to be an armstrong number if sum of its digits raised to the power n is equal to itself. Here n is total digits in number.

For example 370 is armstrong number.

Here n = 3, so 33 + 7+ 0= 27 + 343 + 0 = 370

Python Program to Check Armstrong Number


enter a number: 370
armstrong number

Comment below if you have any queries related to above program for armstrong number in python.

8 thoughts on “Python Program to Check Armstrong Number

    1. Vanshika

      temp is a variable which is temporarily storing the value of num

    1. Tarun Sura

      “==” in programming this symbol means “is equal to” same way “=!” means “not equal to”
      so if temp is not equal to 0 execute the below code.


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