Python Program to Check Palindrome Number

Here you will get python program to check palindrome number.

A number is said to be palindrome if it is equal to its reverse. For example 121, 555, etc are palindrome while 124, 367, etc are not.

Python Program to Check Palindrome Number


enter a number: 12321
number is palindrome

Comment below if you have any queries regarding python palindrome number program.

8 thoughts on “Python Program to Check Palindrome Number

  1. Andrea Evangelin

    Thankyou so much Neeraj ! it was fun learning from you!!!
    -Andrea Evangelin

  2. sasipriya

    124 -sample input
    545 is palindrom sample output
    how to prove it is palidrom

    1. aniket

      we know that pallindrme no are those no which have same digit on reversing

  3. Maulik


    if a==a[::-1]:
    print(“Palindrome number”)
    print(“Not a palindrome number”)


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