15 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2018

The modern world is full of extraordinary things that influence our imagination and mood. Our soul needs a perfect atmosphere and impressive spots. To apply such things in practice, we have submitted the list of the web trends that deserve your attention. Robert frost design analysis will meet all your wishes and expectations.

15 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2018

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Web Design Trends to Watch in 2018

1. More Organic Shapes

Until this year, web design, as well as mobile design, were based on the right-angled and sharp-edged shapes. However, it seems that this year will bring some significant changes in the field of web design. The recent trends will offer the absolute rounded corners. In addition, the web design of 2018 will make the real things look like the cartoonish ones.

2. Bold Minimalism

Although some of you may think that this web design trend will not attract the Internet users. Indeed, the notion of minimalism is often associated with boredom and dullness. However, in this case, bold minimalism will be combined with brightness and colour saturation. So, be ready to encounter vibrant, saturated colours and large fonts.

3. Engaging Photographic Content

The background colours will not be boring anymore. In 2018, web and mobile design will be based on the bright pictures depicting some things. Such photography content will depict different colours, people, nature, and architecture. You must admit that attractive pictures make content even more interesting than it is.

4. Web Virtual Reality

Since at present, mobile gaming enjoys great popularity, and new applications are developed almost every day, the use of virtual reality would be a right option. It is a fresh idea that will get positive feedback from the Internet users.

5. Interactivity and Entertaining Experience

In 2018, consumers will have the opportunity to have the entertaining experience since it will be the year of interactivity. The Internet users will be engaged in some quizzes, polls, and games.

6. Use of Artificial Intelligence

The voice user interface is a common thing nowadays. And chatbots won’t surprise anyone today. However, as the technology continues to develop, the consumers are going to witness the use of artificial intelligence in the web design of 2018.

7. Illustrations and Animations

The modern designers will pay significant attention to the animations and illustrations while developing a web design. There is no disguising the fact that illustrations have been the unchangeable trend of the recent years. And still, it gets the positive feedback from the consumers.

8. Emergence of Maximalism

Until now, every Internet user would think that web pages are clean and powerful. However, this year introduces the era of maximalism. It means that all the images and the other elements of web design will seem bright and even brutal.

9. Attention to Sustainability

Since the Internet is a significant energy-consuming platform, the designers decided to influence this issue in 2018. To make the impact less harmful, the web designers will help their customers access the required content faster than it was in the previous year.

10. Video Inclusion

The inclusion of video elements is a strategy oriented on the comfort of the Internet users. Some people surfing the Internet face particular problems and challenges. In this case, video elements may be used as the visual instructions aimed at helping the Internet users.

11. Vertical and Horizontal Text Mix

In 2018, web designers decided to add a particular refreshing dimension to their work. To achieve this aim, they chose mixing of horizontal and vertical lines. At first glance, it may seem strange and unclear, but it will attract your attention.

12. Ethical Design

The statistics say that the apps designed recently might have a negative impact on the consumers’ health. Particularly, they might encourage digital addiction among the Internet users. This year, web designers will attempt to develop a considerably better design from the ethical perspective.

13. No Homepage

Until now, every website had an attractive homepage that defined the purpose of its creating. However, trends are changing, and, according to the new one, homepages will not exist anymore.

14. Storytelling

It is a well-known fact that every user’s experience and every successful brand is created by the powerful story that makes the audience interested. This year, web designers will pay significant attention to the building of a story.

15. Change of Navigation Menus

Gone are those days when fixed navigation was regarded as a new trend. In 2018, consumers will have a chance to witness floating navigation menus. Such a dramatic change will make their search even more pleasant and comfortable.

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