2Captcha – Human-Powered Image and CAPTCHA Recognition Service

With due technical advancement and increasing demand of software for various tasks (of our individual, personal as well as commercial needs), the authenticity of using these software has become as crucial as they themselves are. Captchas are one of the most commonly used methods for maintaining the authenticity of these software platforms.  Often, we face problems while solving these captchas because of the time they take specially if we need to work on them on a large scale, they can take away most of our precious work time.

About 2Captcha


2Captcha.com is a platform wherein we can get the accurate solutions of our captcha without bothering about the time problems. The prolific platform can recognize both text and graphical captchas, has a simple API, comes with a universal support for all softwares and most importantly, saves a lot of time of the users. The users just have to upload their captchas on 2captcha.com/in.php.

When the Captcha gets uploaded, the server stores the captcha for further processing and immediately provides you with an ID for your request. The server then altos your captcha to a worker for solving it and thereafter sends the solution back to you. As a cherry on the cake, it also provides you with quite reasonable rates ($0.0005 per captcha).

2Captcha.com also entertains the workers and gives them an easy environment for working. All they have to do is register them with 2Captcha.com and thereafter they can get along with the site just by clicking on “start work”. Before the workers may start working, they also train them for 5-10 minutes. Just by having a computer, keyboard and an internet connection, the workers can easily get along with them.

Conclusively, the 2Captcha.com provides for a 24*7 running, and accurate service which is a time saving blessing for its customers.

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