MongoDB vs SQLite – Difference between MongoDB and SQLite

In this article, you will learn about difference between MongoDB and SQLite.


MongoDB first version was released in 2009. It is the most reliable database used with Node.JS application. Its structure of saving the data is different because it stores data in a document which is like JSON. It uses the most popular document store database model. Schema created in this is powerful and flexible.

High scalability, sharding and availability with built-in replication makes it more robust. Sharding is the capability which comes in use when database size becomes so large that a particular machine may not be able to store all data then sharding solves this problem through horizontal scaling. Scalability gives the developer an ability to easily add or remove as many machines as needed.

So, It has some great features like document-oriented storage, ease of use, high performance, fast execution of queries and maintenance of database backup is easy.

Its queries run very fast because the data is present in one place and it can easily be retrieved. It is very flexible as it does not require a unified data structure over all objects. It also has some problems like sometimes we face leaking problem and missing data over time. It has no join all relations that are supposed to be resolved client-side which requires an extra request to the server.

HackerRank, SurveyMonkey, Red Hat Inc, IBM, Citrix, Twitter and Codecademy are some of the popular companies that use MongoDB.


SQLite was originally released in 2000. It is a relational database. SQLite is the lite version of SQL which runs on the devices with low memory. There is not much configuration required to run SQLite. It is serverless means there is no need to install, manage, initialize, configure and troubleshoot. But it lacks in multiuser capabilities.

It is very manageable throughout different applications, to transfer the entire database all that’s needed is to create a copy of the file. You can use this with Node.JS but it is not much used generally. It does not require much support from external libraries or the operating system.

SQLite has a binding of large no. of programming languages including C, C# etc. It is a database tool which implements a self-contained, transactional SQL database engine. It has an embedded SQL database engine. The processes run by the server is not separated.

It reads and writes directly to regular disk files. It is single-threaded, simple, lightweight, SQL.

SQLite is used by companies like Intuit, Codorus, and Infoshare.

MongoDB vs SQLite - Difference between MongoDB and SQLite

MongoDB vs SQLite – Difference between MongoDB and SQLite

MongoDB SQLite
Basic database model used in this is document store. In this, we use RDBMS.
Scaling is done horizontally. Scaling is done vertically.
No join support in this so we use integrated stored engines. It supports join.
Read-only SQL queries via the MongoDB Connector for Business Intelligence (BI). It uses SQL for queries.
In this we can write Server-side scripts which are stored procedure. We cannot write a stored procedure in this.
The indexing and searching is powerful in MongoDB. The indexing and searching are not as strong in MongoDB.
Written in C, C++, JS Written in C, C++

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