GitHub Finally has Launched its Mobile App

Microsoft acquisition “GitHub” has news from their cosmos to give more than 40 million developers and contributors a reason to celebrate. Undoubtedly, 2018 has been a favorite year for developers with the expansion of the open-source community (GitHub), adding up approx. 10 million new users from around 70 countries and nearly 3 million organizations.

It’s time to secure the new features and announcements made by GitHub to preserve the world’s code for next 1,000 years. GitHub finally has launched its mobile app combining new features and a completely new experience for users.


Image Source: TechCrunch

Most noticeably, the native app allows more flexibility for users to share feedback on any discussion and move work forward from any location you are working. Besides, reviewing lines of code, merging changes, and other tasks have been made much more comfortable with this native app.

The best part!

It has also unveiled the ‘Dark Mode’ with the launch of the app as it is the most preferable among developers. However, the app also automatically adjusts to every screen size and device preferences based on different devices. It permits users to set preferences accordingly.

Don’t stop rolling; there are other exciting features left!

With the commercial announcement for the mobile app, GitHub also proclaimed some new features in the latest version. To make their interface more delightful, they have added some dessert to grab on the GitHub platform. Let’s know about them in brief.

GitHub Mobile App Launched

Image Source: TechCrunch

The all new redesigned notification inbox allows you to set filters for priority work. GitHub has also dropped the old method of pushing notification into emails for a simplified interface by directly adding an inbox action.

Additionally, you can also schedule reminders by sending slank notifications for pending code review. Though this feature is limited to public beta, sooner may generally be made available in few months. Apart from that, code navigation is also a new thing to give attention to, as it allows more ways to navigate code from the bunch of sources.

GitHub now supports even more open-source projects with the latest GitHub Enterprise Server release. It has improvised its user experience to the next level and has secured public repositories for thousands of years. Also, it automates workflows from cloud to cloud, enhancing developers and contributors to reach their goals.

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