BCA vs B.Tech – Which is Better?

Students who are interested in computer’s are many times confused what career choice to choose when taking their first steps in adulthood. Many students are amazed with a wide range of options for college and programme. If you are in the same boat and have recently passed your graduation and you seem to have the passion for computers, then BCA and B.Tech will be rolling in your mind.

Thought, it is a bit challenging when selecting from both the options available as there are a lot of similarities between both of them. In this post, we will look at the difference between BCA and B.Tech that will help the students to make the informed choice.

What is BCA?

BCA syllabus is a 3 year course that includes several subjects involving database management, computer languages, logical analysis, software design, operations systems, and client server technology. There are many universities that provide undergraduate course all over India.

Eligibility Criteria for BCA

Students need to have 50 percent class 12 aggregate & background in Math and English makes them eligible for BCA course.

Why to Pursue BCA?

BCA is a three years undergraduate degree program that offers knowledge in the Technology applications & practical implication to the students. Through the course, candidates will be provided complete knowledge in Computer & Information Technology, Management, Communication, and Organisation. Besides this, students are provided education on different programming languages like C, C++, SQL, HTML, Java, and more.

Some major reasons why any candidate must go for the Bachelor of Computer Applications are given below:

  • BCA is emerging as the highly demanded qualifications for the reputable Information Technology industries in India.
  • After getting degree of BCA Computer, the students may go for Masters in Computer Application that will give them specialization in the particular field & improves their expertise.
  • Students who completed their degree in BCA can expect a good paying job at any private or government IT-based sectors.
  • Candidates can open their organisation or can go for the startup after completing their BCA degree.
  • The students will go for pursuing the Masters degree in the foreign countries after they complete the degree in Bachelor of Computer Application.

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Career Opportunities & Average Salary for B.Tech IT Applicants

After completing the degree in B. Tech, candidates may go for different Software & Hardware industries across India. The students can opt for the job in some top IT industries like Wipro, HCL, HP, Infosys, Microsoft, IBM, Google, and more. After completing B. Tech degree, candidates may go for different job options that include IT Coordinator, Software Developer, Testing Engineer, System Analyst, Application Developer, Technical Content Developer, and more. An average salary of every job position for the B. Tech is given here:

What is B.Tech

It is a 4 year B. Tech course and mainly focuses on bringing different knowledge of sectors like Mechanical, Electrical, Information Technology and Computer Science; this study course is same for each student for first 2 years, but then, students can pick up their specializations. This course includes theory and practical both. But, when it comes about IT, the syllabus of B. Tech covers some material found in the BCA, like database management.

Eligibility Criteria of B.Tech

Students need to be science graduates from 12 with 50% aggregate will be eligible for the Joint Entrance Examinations in engineering institutes that include IITs & NITs.

Why to Pursue BTech?

B.Tech in IT is 4 years undergraduate program by which students are given right knowledge on Electrical, Computer Science, Information Technology and Mechanical. After their second year of degree, candidate may go for specialization as the major subjects. Some major concepts that the students will be educated in B.Tech include Software & Hardware, storage, and management, floor Information & Communication.

Some major reasons why you must go for the B. Tech IT are given below:

  • The students can opt for the Masters of Technology course in IT after completing the B.Tech IT course.
  • After completing your degree in B.Tech, candidates get qualified for good jobs in the reputed IT industries.
  • In India, demand for the Information Technology engineers is increasing not just in the private sectors but in a public sector organisation too.
  • The applicants open their organisation or start a startup after finishing their BTech IT.
  • Completing their degree in the B.Tech IT allows that candidates to pursue for PhD in their preferred stream & enter in a field of research.

Difference between BCA and B.Tech

BCA vs B.Tech

B. Tech BCA
B.Tech is 4 year engineering degree course BCA is 3 year of degree course on the computer programming & languages.
After 12th only science stream students can apply  for B. Tech In BCA Students from any particular stream can apply, only needs to have English & mathematics
Course fee is higher than BCA Course fee is less compared to B. Tech
Student qualify for the national level or state level entrance exams You have to appear for the CET examination.
The syllabus for B.Tech is comprehensive & valued course, mainly because this delves in more subjects compared to BCA. BCA syllabus generally deals with the software language and management quality
Can apply to various IT sector & multinational company. BTech is job oriented For software engineering BCA is the best platform for the higher studies.

Starting Salary for the B.Tech IT Graduates

An average salary for the candidate having a B. Tech IT degree depends on different factors like knowledge of a candidate, type of industry, and experience of a candidate. On an average, student who completed their degree in the B. Tech IT may earn around Rs 2 – 4 LPA as their starting salary.

Starting Salary for the BCA Graduates

Just like B. Tech IT, an average salary of the candidate getting a BCA degree depends on the kind of industry, experience and knowledge of a candidate. An average starting salary of the student completing BCA degree ranges from Rs. 2 – 4 LPA.

Wrap Up

So, select the program you believe can help you relish your dreams; and, do not forget to select the best university for your brighter future. Looking at your in-depth know-how, you can get job offers from different recruitment firms. The future scope of B.Tech is must better than BCA degree, and will provide you with higher salaried professional duties.

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