Advantages and Disadvantages of Peer to Peer Network

The computer can also be connected using a peer-to-peer network. It is also used in many organizations and small businesses to connect the computers, where USB cables are used to interconnect these devices. It is a type of LAN network that is simple to form and interconnect the computers. However, in most cases, 2 to 10 computers connect with peer-to-peer networks. But what is a P2P network actually, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the peer-to-peer network. If you are also assuming the same, then this post will help you, and after reading it, all your doubts will get solved.

What is Peer to Peer Network?

The P2P network is the primary type of LAN network where two or more computers are connected without having any dedicated server. Here the technical expert arranges the transmission between these computers in a way. So it starts working as client and server communicates with each connected device. This technique is widely used in home and office computers when the owners have two or more computers and want to navigate the stored information easily.

P2P or Peer Peer networking has several advantages and disadvantages; thus, every user should analyze both and install such networking. Below is detailed information about the advantages and disadvantages of a P2P network.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Peer to Peer Network

Advantages of Peer to Peer Network

Here we will discuss some critical advantages of a peer-to-peer network, so let’s find those now.

1. Operating System

One of the significant advantages of a peer-to-peer network is that any OS, whether Windows or Mac, can be used. Here the user does not require to own any networking operating system such as windows server OS. Moreover, any OS can be used to network among the computers, and it works perfectly fine. Nowadays mostly company uses the P2P network as their employees feel productive.

2. Affordable to Use

Generally, setting up a peer to peer network is most affordable for businesses. As they do not have to pay the charges or monthly payment for the license. They also do not require a dedicated server for their house needs. Thus, P2P networks are more affordable compared to other networking technologies.

3. No Dedicated Server Required

Here, the user or the company does need to purchase the expensive server to store the company’s data. Because connected computers with the P2P network act as servers and store relevant files in their storage devices. So, if the company uses the peer-to-peer network, they can get this advantage and save their capital expenditure.

4. Nothing More Technical

Using a peer to peer network and maintaining it is pretty straightforward. There is nothing more technical and handling the general work of it. The file or the folder can be shared in the DVD, USB, or printer without any complexity. Moreover, it is easy and efficient to maintain for the long run as no separate file server is required.

5. Scalable As Per The Need

If the business needs to get the most scalability feature in the networking technology, they should use P2P networking. Because if the user even adds the new client device, then the performance of the computers remains the same, and those work smoothly. Many times the multiple users can be in need to access the same file. In that case, this networking system can increase the bandwidth and allow access to all those users.

6. More Security to The Company Data

Many other networking systems provide security to the data store in them. But when it comes to the peer-to-peer network, then it is more secure among them. Because of it, if one node or device is offline or not working, other devices will remain functional. Thus, it is one of the fantastic advantages of peer-to-peer networks that most users like.

Disadvantages of Peer to Peer Network

There is no doubt that peer to peer networks are secure, do not require a server, and provide several other advantages. There are limitations with this technology that one should focus on before opting for this networking option.

1. No Centralized Storage

There is not any central or dedicated place to store all the essential data or information. And the files are stored in different machines. Hence, a single person can not have the proper control over the accessibility of the information. Thus, it can make several challenges to navigate the file efficiently. The user can have to waste a lot of time.

2. A Virus Attack Can Cause It

As every computer is independent when it comes to storing data, these devices are more prone to get affected by viruses or malware attacks. And if one computer gets affected by a virus attack, then the other will automatically get affected. Because all the users can also navigate the data in the computer that already has caused a virus attack.

3. Slow Performance

Slow performance is another disadvantage of peer-to-peer networking because the number of connected devices can slow down the process. In simple terms, if the number of connected devices increases, it decreases the navigating data’s performance. Hence, peer to peer network is not good if the organization has many connected computers.

4. Issues in Remote Access

If the network contains an unsecured type of code or other code, unauthorized remote access can occur. And in that case, the unauthorized user can get access to sensitive data or information of the company. Thus the user of the P2P network can have to compromise with this limitation. Hence the user should make sure to cope in such types of situations before implementing the peer-to-peer network.


So, a peer-to-peer network is the type of wired network or LAN that does not require a dedicated server. Because of this feature, most businesses prefer to use a P2P network. However, there are still several limitations, such as getting affected by wireless easily.

Hence, as a wise user of networking technology, you should first analyze the advantages and disadvantages of peer-to-peer networks and make the final decision. Thus, I hope now you can make proper decisions. If you want to keep exploring such fantastic information, then also check our other posts.

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  1. P2P has disadvantages, but they pale in comparison with the advantages of P2P. I use the Utopia ecosystem, which is based on a peer-to-peer network, and I know that all my data is secure

  2. I have been using the Utopia ecosystem peer-to-peer network for a long time now, because it is important for me to keep all my activities anonymous

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