Difference between MAC Address and IP Address

Every computer or gadget connected to the internet has two kinds of addresses – one for its physical location and another for its online location. In addition to being known as a physical address, the media access control (MAC) address may be used to identify a device to other devices on the same local network. The internet protocol address, often known as the IP address, identifies the equipment on a worldwide scale. In order for a network packet to reach its destination, it must have both addresses.

What is MAC Address?

It is a controller/card network interface with a MAC address assigned as a unique identifier. It consists of a 48-bit or 64-bit address linked with the computer network adapter. The MAC address may be either decimal or hexadecimal.

What is IP Address?

An IP address is a unique identifier that can be used to establish an internet network connection. It is called the ‘logical address’ and the address to which a connection is allocated in a network.

Using an IP address, users can control the interaction of devices connected to the internet and the conduct of internet routers.

Difference between MAC Address and IP Address

The Most Significant Differences

  • A MAC Address is a unique network identification number, whereas an IP address is a numerical address being used to identify a network connection and then used to interact with that connection.
  • In contrast, MAC addresses are issued by the actual hardware interface manufacturer to IP addresses access to the network managers or Internet Service Providers (ISP).
  • The IP address, as opposed to the Mac address, that recognizes the device ID, describes how the gadget is connected to the network.
  • MAC addresses may be used for streaming, while IP addresses is used, depending on the circumstances, for broadcasting or multicasting.
  • An application of the MAC address may be found at the data-link layer either in the OSI or TCP/IP reference models. On either hand, Ip are applied at the TCP/IP or OSI network layer, where they are located.

What is the purpose of having a MAC address?

  • It provides a secure and safe way to locate senders and beneficiaries in a network.
  • A MAC address is often used to prevent unauthorized access to the network.
  • A MAC address is a number and may thus be used to track the device’s whereabouts.
  • The MAC address from a certain device is used to identify the device via Wi-Fi connections at the airport.

What is the purpose of having an IP address?

  • An IP address is provided to every device in the network, enabling the item to be recognized and located on the network.
  • It helps to establish a virtual connection between a target and an information source.
  • IP addresses are some kind of alphanumeric identification for any computer network-connected device that interacts to use the Ip Networks
  • It acts as a unique identification for a certain machine linked to a particular network.
  • It helps you define the technical form of the addresses and packaging operationally.

How can you find out your IP address?

The following is a method for determining the IP address in Windows:

Step 1) Press the “start” button on your computer’s keyboard.

Step 2) In the “search” box, type the command prompt.

Step 3) Then type ipconfig at the command prompt and hit enter. There is a field labelled IPv4 Address that you may view.

How can you find out your MAC address?

A method for discovering the MAC address in Windows is provided below.

Step 1) Press the “start” button on your computer’s keyboard.

Step 2) In the “search” box, type the command prompt.

Step 3) Enter the command prompt.

Step 4) The result of the command is shown. It is necessary to scroll down and check for the values next to “Physical Address” if you want to determine the physical address of a wired or wireless device. This will be the MAC address for your computer.

Difference between MAC Address and IP Address

MAC Address IP Address
A MAC address is a unique identifying number for a network interface controller or a card in the computer network. An IP address is an address that may be used to designate an internet network connection.
The full version of the phrase is Media Access Control Address (MAC address). The IP address is the full version of the phrase Internet Protocol Address.
It is provided by the device maker which interacts with the computer. Normally you will be assigned by the system administrator or the Internet service provider (ISP).
The mac address is being used to send information over an Ethernet network. For transmitting information on the Internet, a unique Internet address is used.
This function of Microsoft Windows helps prevent hackers from launching security threats. For this IP address, no specific filter is set.
The Mac is responsible for defining the device identifier. The IP address specifies how a device is linked to a computer network.
The colons separate the Mac address from the rest of the address. Dots are used to divide the IP address.
The Mac address is based on the hardware. IP addresses are mostly concerned with software.
It is not possible to conceal the mac address from the device. It is possible to conceal IP addresses by utilising a router or virtual private network (VPN).
The MAC addresses assigned to devices are not flexible and do not stay consistent over time. The IP address can be changed at any time. Whenever the computer connects to a different network, the password is refreshed.
Using the Mac address, you may easily identify a device on your local network. The IP address of a gadget allows you to identify it in a worldwide network.
Broadcasting may be accomplished via the usage of MAC addresses. The IP address can be used for broadcasting or multicasting, depending on the situation.
An implementation of the MAC address may be found in either the OSI or TCP/IP reference models at the Data-Link layer. The IP address is implemented at the Network layer of the TCP/IP or Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) architecture.
IP address problems may be resolved with the use of a Mac address. IP addresses have never been successful in resolving Mac address problems.

Both addresses indicate a distinct node in the network (computer or other equipment). The MAC address and IP address of every node in the IP network may be stored in their own IP stack.

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