Types of Application Software in Computer

Application software or Apps has become the need of our day-to-day life. From MS Office to Facebook and LinkedIn has become essential application software we use these days. Similarly, every day we use many types of application software to make your personal and professional comfortable. Now computers do not only have basic applications but also advanced ones. Thus, today we will be discovering the significant types of application software; if you want to know all of these, then stay here.

What is Application Software?

Application software or an app is a software type designed to perform a specific task on the demand of the end-user. Application software can be used for education, personal, or any other reason. Hence it is also known as end-user software and productivity software.

Nowadays, we have several types of application software that can be installed on our devices. Also, this application software assists us to perform our general to professional tasks more creatively. And they also ensure a higher level of efficiency, accuracy, and communication.

Types of Application Software

Types of Application Software

Thus, understanding types of application software is also essential. As they ease the process and provide a better outcome in your personal or professional work. Because with the understanding of such application software types, you can choose relevant and productive software for you. Below are some of the significant types of application software.

1. Presentation Software

Generally, the presentation software is used to present the idea, vision, or thought simplified. It also represents the complex and crucial data in an attractive way so that the end-user can easily understand the outcome correctly. Presentation software like Microsoft PPT comes with several features that like inserting images, text, and graphs.

2. Database Software

Database software is the software that helps in maintaining and creating databases to store the data. This software is also known as the database management systems or DBMS. Almost all large and medium organizations use such applications. If you want to structure the data and maintain them simplified, then it is essential to use database software. Examples of database software are MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, and Microsoft SQL. Using this type of application software; organizations can easily track their customers, products, employees, and many more.

3. Web Browsing Software

Web browsing software is also a type of application software, and they are used to search for something on the internet. Whenever you want to search about any location, the meaning of any phrase, or anything you want to know. In that case, web browsing software allows the user to search those things. Currently, Google Chrome is one of the most popular and widely used software. However, we also have other web browsers like Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

4. Multimedia Software

Multimedia software is another type, and they are developed to store or create images, video, and other forms of things. People use these tools to create animations, edit images, create infographics, watch movies, and much more. Windows Media Player is one example of multimedia software.

5. Word Processing Software

Most of you may already use one of these software, as word processing software is used to type and edit text professionally. Using these tools, you can make memes, type letters, create resumes, and do many other things with it. These tools have many additional features, such as thesaurus and synonyms. You can also do some basic level grammar checks and use them for personal or professional work.

6. Graphic Software

Graphic software is an application that is specifically designed for graphic design needs. Using this software, the user can create compelling designs, art, and craft. Generally, these tools come with a large set of features, such as adding and editing images or data. So that the given task can look presentable and visually appealing. Some of the graphic design software examples are Adobe Photoshop, Maya, Gimp, and PaintShop Pro.

7. Simulation Software

Simulation software or simulation application software is commonly used for the military, education, and engineering operations. These tools can be used to test any program, application, machinery, and video game. The purpose of simulation software is to observe the operation and predict some biological activities. For example, this software can be used in robotics, weather forecasting, and many other fields.

8. Spreadsheet Software

The calculation is an essential task for businesses and even for us. Thus to make the several calculation tasks easy and effective, we have spreadsheet software. This software has cells where you can add text and data and even a diagram or chart. Such tools come with several calculation formulas, including addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Some of the popular spreadsheet software are Microsoft Excel and Google sheets. And if you are a student or working professional, you might already be familiar with these two.

9. Programming Software

Nowadays, every business and every user needs a simplified and helpful solution. And for this, software developers use programming software to develop such helpful software for the company and user. Thus, programming software is the type of application software used to write the codes. Using this software, the programmer or developer can type programming languages or debug for essential changes. Some of the programming languages you can use in this application software are Python, C#, C++, JavaScrip, and more. Thus, for programmers, we also need application software that is called programming software. Visual Studio is one of the standard IDEs which programmers use, and it is also a programming software.


Thus, in this article, we covered the preliminary list of the best type of application software. Here you also learned about application software and now can understand our dependency on these typical applications. With these tools, we get a satisfied and secure experience, and they also help us improve our productivity. Thus, we enjoy more flexibility during personal and professional work.

So, please share what type of application software you use in your day-to-day life in the comment box. As it will motivate us and let us know that you have understood this crucial concept.

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