5 Types of System Software in Computer [With Examples]

System software is the type of software that handles the computer system and gives an ideal environment for the user to run their applications. These are the programs that are used to perform the different functions and objectives to run a computer.

System software is an essential part of any computer; thus, today, we will learn some of the main types of system software in this article. Along with this, we will also understand system software in detail.

What is System Software?

A computer comprises various physical components, and these components can be placed in or outside of the case. With the help of system software, these physical components work together and help users run their various applications. Operating System or OS is also a kind of operating software that manages and handles the entire computer. Other examples of system software are drivers and utility software which stay inside the computer like calendar, watch and many more.

Using system software, the user can run a wide range of application software. Such as games, video playing applications, music applications, and many other types of application software.

Types of System Software

Types of System Software in Computer

Below are some essential types of system software that exist in current computer systems and help users perform everyday tasks.

1. Operating Software

OS or operating software is considered as one of the essential system software on the computer. And nowadays, many companies create operating software and optimize them. Some of the famous companies for developing operating software are Apple, Microsoft, and Linux as well. Windows 10 Pro, Windows 11, Apple Mac OS, Ubuntu are an example of operating software.

We also have some common types of operating software that you should know to understand that software better.

Types of Operating System:

  • Real-Time OS is the type of operating system generally used in the modem, modern cars, and some robotics equipment.
  • Our smartphones also have an operating system called single-user and single task OS.
  • Web OS is generally designed and developed to browse things online with the help of browsing software.
  • Single user and multi task OS is the type of operating software which are installed in personal computers. Windows 10 and other operating software are the example of single-user and multitask OS.
  • Mobile OS is another type of OS which is used in tablets and mobile devices.
  • Network OS is the OS that is commonly used to print documents by connecting with the printers.

2. Utility Software

Utility software is the system software type that has a variety of programs to apply across the applications. The most common utility software are troubleshooting and diagnostic tools or software available in the complete. Such utility software can scan the things and analyze where the error occurs.

The role of this software is to ensure the optimum functionality of the computer system. And the task of the utility can vary upon the programs.

However, most of the time, you install utility programs or software that are the third party. However, they come bundled with the operating system.

Below Are The Example Of Utility Software With Features:

  • Microsoft Security Essential and AVG are examples of utility software. They ensure the computer does not affect a virus.
  • To use the disk partition feature, we also need to use utility software like Windows disk management software.
  • Many times, you need to unzip the files which are already compressed and contain some files. So to do so, you can use the WinRAR and Winzip utility software.
  • For data recovery, we can also use utility software like iCare Data Recovery and other similar tools that also come into use as utility software.

3. Device Drivers

Device drivers or driver software is used to connect the peripheral and other similar devices. Keyboards, mouse and similar devices get connected with the computer using device drivers.

Using such system software, you can help the operating system to understand what device you have connected. And it can perform the relevant tasks which you do use the devices you connected.

Sound Cards, display cards, network cards, and printers require connecting with the computer with drivers.

However, most OS of today already have such driver features, and you need to plug the devices and start using them. Hence to use your keyboards, printers, and mouse, you do not need third-party drivers.

4. Firmware

Firmware is the type of system software that is already present in the Ram, ROM, EPROM, and other chips so that the operating system can identify those. This software must handle the particular hardware component therein the computer.

Earlier the firmware was used to understand the nonvolatile chips. They can only be upgraded by replacing them with new chipsets. However, there is high-level software, and they do not need to update by swapping the component.

BIOS and UEFI: The Most Crucial Type Of Firmware Software

BIOS and UEFI are the essential software installed by the manufacturer already in the motherboard. The BIOS or Basic Input/Output System and UEFI or Unified Extended Firmware Interface can be updated. They will not require swapping the hardware component.

By updating both, you can ensure that your hardware components like process, ram, hard disk, and other components work properly. Thus, the user can get much help and work smoothly on their old computer devices because of the firmware.

5. Programming Language Translator

These are the software that is used by the programmers so that they can translate high-level language into machine language. C++, Python, and PHP are some of the programming languages used to program the codes. Generally, popular programming language translators come up with compiling, interpreting, and assembling features. Thus, the machine code can be written easily using such translators by the programmers.


Thus, these are the types of system software you may already use in your regular life. System software is an essential component of the computer so that it functions properly. From operating systems to programming languages, translators are the type of system software. Without these tools, you might not get the smooth functioning of your computer that you get with system software. I hope you understand the significant type of system software, but if you have some doubts, then comment below.

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