Operating System Characteristics (Features)

Do you know all the applications, including MS Office, editing software, browser, and games need a suitable environment to execute their task? The operating system is the software that enables an ideal environment for all these application software to work effectively. And here, users do not require using any computer language to interact with various input and output activities.

And without using an operating system, it is not possible to use smartphone devices to computer devices efficiently. Especially for the general user, it is mandatory to implement at least a stable operating system. Hence, the operating system is the software that aligns other software to work sufficiently using the computer’s hardware devices.

Operating System Characteristics

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What is an Operating System?

An operating system is also referred to as an OS, and it’s a programming framework. That allows the user to interact with various computer applications and their functions without knowing any computer language. Thus, it’s a crucial program that stays functional in the computer device to run single or multiple tasks at a time.

The computer operating systems can perform the activities like accessing software, showing commands on the screen, analyzing records, printing documents, and more. The operating system also makes sure that the multiple tasks of the user do not mix up with each other. It also provides security from any unwanted access and prevents unauthorized access.

So, the operating system can be explained as the framework that builds up the suitable interface between the computer resources and the user. It functions from essential to advanced computing activities on the command of the user. Memory management, input, and output handling are a few tasks it executes for the user. Windows 8, Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 11, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, and Android are examples of the operating system.

Operating System Characteristics

Below are some crucial and notable features of the operating system. So read these to understand all these characteristics of the operating system.

1. Work Management

Task management of the computing device is one of the significant features of the operating system. Also, it is considered an essential function of the OS because it manages all activity here. So the work can execute systematically and be processed when it is needed. In short, here, the OS defines the sequence in which the activities execute, wherein queue means the task is awaiting its execution.

If you also use a PC, then it is one of the everyday things you can notice. However, there can be many reasons, but a few resources are getting used by other programs. Or another prioritized task is executing, and any other special requirement can also be there.

2. Resource Management

Hardware and software both are interdependent. And if the hardware is absent, then the software can not be used, and if the software is not there, then hardware is useless to run the task. Hence, to balance these two resources, the operating system takes place. It optimizes the resources of the computer by allowing a simple task executing process.

OS reviews all the tasks in the tabular format and checks whether all the computer components are working well. Hence, it’s also one of the essential characteristics of an operating system.

3. Input and Output Control

The operating system contains the control of the input and output activities of the computer. It builds up a dictionary or input and output task to execute whenever the user gives the command. Input and output are two essential terms from where the task starts and ends.

And maintaining control over both OS can ensure a stable and efficient experience for the user. However, to execute the input and output, the operating system must carry a set of programs that allow it to manage and process the input and output instructions provided by the user.

4. Multitasking System

Nowadays, modern operating systems also encompass multitasking functionality. These are now capable of executing multiple tasks at the same time. For example, if the user is doing a computing task in Excel and wishes to print the page, he does not need to stop the task.

This requires only one command, and the page will get printed, and at the same time, the user can also access the drives without closing the tab. Hence, multitasking is another excellent feature of an operating system.

5. Has Associated Mechanism

Operating systems also contain some crucial mechanisms mentioned below;

It has a mechanism to verify each user, and for this, it can use password protection or other features.

  • It also provides security from harmful elements and blocks before it reaches the device. Nowadays, many spyware and malicious codes are impacting computer devices. Hence this mechanism is crucial to have within the operating system.
  • OS mostly also has the mechanism to set the limit on the available resources for each user. Hence, if the boss needs to give access to his computer to his employee, in that case, he can put some limitations to access some files.

6. Encompasses Nucleus

It’s a core of the operating system, and in the modern OS, you can find monolithic nuclei. These cores help the OS to give way to the program so they can execute. For this, it can use ram to store the data quickly until the task gets completed. Many cores offer drivers to control the hardware, such as the hard disk and monitor of the computer device.

7. Ensure Connection

OS also ensures the stable and reliable connection between the hardware and software of the computer. It is the critical base on which the operating system can be defined accurately. As every hardware and software component requires operating software to align them in an optimized way. So the user of that device can efficiently operate and execute the ideal program.


So, in this article, we understood the operating system and key features of the operating system. Also, we learned that operating systems manage the work of computers, can execute multiple tasks simultaneously, and control input and output activities.

Hence now you would not have any doubt about the characteristics of the OS. If you still face it, you can ask us in a comment and follow our site to keep learning technical terms of the computer world.

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