Characteristics of Computer Network – Basic Features

Nowadays, networking has become an essential part of every organization to work continuously. By creating computer networks, they can connect two and more computer devices. So the workers can work effectively and access the desired information. In technical language, networking means the process of interlinking or connecting computer devices to exchange data.

But do you know the crucial characteristics of a computer network? As it helps understand computer networking comprehensively. If you do not know, read this article because we have mentioned the top features of computer networks.

What is Computer Network?

A computer network can be understood as the connection between the two or more computing devices using a medium. Here the medium helps these interconnected devices to share information. Whether these devices are personal computers, servers, mainframes, or other computer devices, all these can be connected with printers, routers, DVDs, and other relevant devices.

These networking processes become possible with the help of networking mediums such as bridges, cables, routers, and satellites. You can consider the internet as a well-known example of a networking medium that connects various devices. It allows devices to share data or information most simply.

Nowadays, these interconnected devices have become crucial because they allow access to emails and share all the needed resources. However, these computer networking systems enable the sharing feature of data and provide several other features.

So, to understand it let’s know the features of computer network.

Characteristics of Computer Network

Characteristics of Computer Network

1. Reliable

Computer networks are very reliable tools, and by using this, users can easily interconnect the devices. Even if they need to print, check the mails, attend the meeting, and access data from another computer, their networking experience stays stable. There are only a few chances that any error or problem can occur. But mostly, these networking systems allow for getting a smooth and stable network connectivity experience.

2. Flow of Data

It enables the flow of data from one computing device to another, making it a crucial feature of a computer network. With the help of computer networking, users can get access to transmit the data such as files, documents, and other types of information. These two devices allow each other to share the data without any stoppage.

3. High Performance

The performance of the networking can be analyzed with the help of time taken by a command. In simple terms, it can be calculated in terms of time and response. If the response is fast and it also takes less time to transmit the data. Then it is a great way users can share their files and utilize multiple resources.

And with computer networking, users get this fast experience. Hence, computer networking also provides high performance by taking less time in sending or receiving the data.

4. Secure

Security is one of the significant aspects, especially in technical terms. Nowadays, most businesses are dependent on computers and access these devices using networking. Thus, if computer network technology is not robust and secure, it can allow unauthorized access to the company’s crucial data. But now, mainly computer networking tools provide the highest level of security, and they prevent any unwanted access.

Thus, security is another feature of a computer network that ensures there is no leakage of data. Because of this, the data sent by one node is directly reached to the second or receiving node without any data or information loss.

5. Data Fault Tolerance

Fault tolerance is another fantastic feature offered by computer networks. They can keep working even if there is any fault or damage with the networking. The device can be connected with wires or wireless mediums. So when the sending device sends the information, the receiving device has blockage at its wireless medium.

In that case, it will find another best way to send the data, and here it will either send data through a wired medium or send it directly to the server. So that receiving device can easily access the data without any loss. So this is how the fault tolerance feature of a computer network works and keeps the activities functions.

6. Backup Option

while creating a computer network, the IT professional also centralizes the data storage option in the server computer. So, the data can be automatically stored in a centralized place as a backup. So whenever any failure happens, then this backup can help to find relevant resources and files. Hence, a backup facility is another crucial characteristic of computer networking.

7. Scalable

Scalability is another feature that one business should consider while selecting networking devices. Because if work of organization increases and it assumes to add new computing devices. In that case, networking does not make any barrier and lets the additional nodes connect with a computer network. So, computer networking also allows scalability features, and it can be achieved by adding additional nodes to the connection.

However, data transmission speed can decrease because the network connection speed gets distributed with other nodes. And if the network connection is slow and many nodes are connected, in that case, it can cause an error.

8. QoS or Quality of Service

It means you can prioritize and customize your data transmission and minimize any delay in transmitting the information. It also enables the loss of any data if it happens continuously. So, another characteristic of a computer network is that it offers a quality of service to its users.

9. Compatible With Hardware and Software Components

Another great feature of computer networking is that it does not limit accessing the same software by many connected devices. It means the same software can be used on multiple devices. It gives better compatibility to make this work possible. Hence, computer networks also make it easier to use the software and utilize physical components in the best way. Moreover, whether the user needs to conduct video conferencing or access email, all work is done quickly.


So, computer networks are playing a crucial role in modern organizations by connecting their computing devices. These technologies were also allowing a safe environment, easy access, and fast transmission of data. Along with this, its users also enjoy the Quality of Service to keep their work functional.

Thus, we hope you enjoy this article and learn the crucial characteristics of computer networks. If you wish to keep learning such impressive IT aspects, then stay tuned for our posts.

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