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Django Blog Tutorial – Make A Simple Blog

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss about how to make a simple Blog in Django 2. Our blog will have TITLE, PICTURE, DESCRIPTION (Body), DATE.  There will be two pages, one for showing all the blogs at one place with less information and the second one to show each blog in detail. Prerequisite Django 2.0 or… Read More »

Django – Getting Data from PostgreSQL and Showing it to Template

In this Django tutorial, we’ll see how we can get the data stored in the database and display it to the template. Prerequisites Have a look on the previous article, in which we’ve seen how to create an app, model and create a super user to work with admin interface. So let’s start. Getting… Read More »

Django PostgreSQL Installation and Setup

We’ll know that SQLite is very powerful, embedded relational database management system and it offers a really amazing set of tools to manage approximately all sorts of data. But when it comes Multi-user applications (where multiple users want to use the same databases),  It fails. So It is recommended to choose a fully featured relational… Read More »

5 Best Django Books for Beginners

Here you will find list of best django books for beginners to learn. If you’re eager to learn Django as it is so popular nowadays for its simplicity, then you can follow our articles that made Django more easy to learn. But Sometimes we prefer reading offline rather than online as we’re habitual of it… Read More »

Django Admin Interface

Here you will learn about working with django admin interface.  Prerequiests: It is necessary to learn about models first before working with Django admin panel. You can learn about models here. What is File in Django? We’ve created an app and a model in previous articles. But we haven’t stored anything yet to our database.… Read More »

Django Models

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn about models in django. Models are connected to our database. We can also say that a model contains the fields and behaviors of the data that we want to store into database. Normally each model is connected to a single table of our database. To understand models and… Read More »

Working with Apps in Django

In this tutorial, we’ll learn about: What is app in django project and why to use it? How to create app in django project? So let’s start with very first question. What is app in django project and why to use it? We’ve seen that how to create a project in django. Actually each django… Read More »

Working with Virtual Environment for Django Project

In this tutorial we’ll talk about virtual environment for django project. Here we’ll discuss about: 1. What is virtual environment and why to use it? 2. How to install virtual environment for django project? 3. How to use virtual environment in django project? So let’s start with our very first question. What is Virtual Environment… Read More »