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Django Project Tour

In this tutorial, we’re going to take a look on each file that exists in our django project folder. Let’s say, we’ve created a project named as my_website on our desktop. Now open that folder you can see another folder (directory) with the same name inside our project folder. Along with this directory, we’ve other… Read More »

Creating First Django Project

Alright fellows, so in this tutorial we’re going to create our very first django project. Here I am assuming that you all have installed Django 2 in your system. Django has a great way for us whenever you want to start a new project. It simply creates a new template for us then we can… Read More »

How to Install Django on Windows/Linux/Mac

In this tutorial, we’re going to see how we can install django on windows, linux or mac platform. First of all, open It is the official website of django. There is a ton of good information, you can also download the django from this website. But I am not recommending to download it from… Read More »

Introduction to Django

Hello everyone, from today we’re going to start a new tutorial series on Django framework. In this tutorial we will cover basic introduction of Django. Before start to learn, lets have a look on some most frequently asked questions about Django. These questions will help you to understand that what actually Django is. What is… Read More »