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Java Variable Types and Rules for Declaring Variables

Variable is nothing it is just the name of memory location. While declaring variables we must follow rules given below. Rules for Declaring Variables in Java 1. Variable name must bound with data type. It means while declaring a variable we must specify its data type. Ex: int x=10; 2. Reserve word or keywords cannot… Read More »

JVM: Java Virtual Machine Architecture and Structure

JVM is responsible for taking .class file and converting that .class file in machine code instructions that can be executed by microprocessor. It’s not a machine, it’s a program. JVM verifies the code before execution (Sandbox Security). JVM is platform dependent and it is heart of Java language. There are four phases of JVM Load… Read More »

What is .class File and Bytecode in Java?

This tutorial will help you to learn about what is .class file and bytecode in java language. You may like to read previous tutorial about How to Write, Compile and Run Your First Java Program? What is .class File and Bytecode When Java source file is compiled by Java compiler it is converted into Java… Read More »

How to Write, Compile and Run Your First Java Program?

Before running Java programs you need to install and setup java. For installation guide read: Java Installation: Downloading, Installing and Setting Path How to write and run Java programs? Open notepad and write below program.   class demo {                 public static void main(String…S)                 {                                 System.out.println(“Java Programming”);                 } } Now save the file… Read More »

Java Installation: Downloading, Installing and Setting Path

In this tutorial we will learn how to download and install Java and then setting path to make Java programs run. Downloading and Installing To download the latest JDK version visit link: Now click on Download button to go to download page. Select Accept License Agreement and then download appropriate version for your operating system.… Read More »

Features of Java Language

Simple Java derives its syntax from C and object oriented features from C++. If you are good in C and C++ programming then you can learn Java easily. Hence Java is Simple. Secure Java provides its own execution environment and hence do not allow any malicious program to access other parts of computer. Java Virtual… Read More »

History of Java Language

The Java language project was started by James Gosling, Mike Sheridan, Chris Warth, Patrick Naughton and Ed Frank in June 1991 at Sun Microsystems. Many more people contributed for this project. They are Bill Joy, Jonathan Payne, Frank Yellin, Arthur van Hoff and Tim Lindholm. The initial aim of the project was to create a… Read More »