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Java Program to Sort List of Strings

Here is the Java program to sort list of strings. This program uses compareTo() method to compare the strings and finally uses bubble sort technique to sort them. compareTo() method compares two strings and return an integer value. The returned integer value is interpreted as show below. Less than zero: first string is less than… Read More »

Difference between AWT and Swing in Java

Here you will learn about difference between AWT and Swing in Java.   AWT and Swing both are used to create GUI interface in Java. Both of them are used to perform almost same work, still they differ from each other. In this tutorial I have shared about some differences between AWT and Swing.   Also Read: Difference… Read More »

How to Make a Calculator in Java Using Swing

This tutorial is about how to make a calculator in Java. Below I have shared the simple calculator program in java using swing. It is a simple calculator in Java which can perform basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of two numbers. If you are getting any difficulty to understand or run this… Read More »