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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Here you will get an introduction to artificial intelligence. First of all let us quickly recall what we have learnt in previous blog posts to get an idea of what we already have covered and shouldn’t invest time on. So far, we’ve learnt about Machine Learning concepts, the algorithms, packages and IDEs etc. Now when… Read More »

Introduction to TensorFlow

Here you will get TensorFlow introduction. TensorFlow is a framework which is used for machine learning and deep learning applications like neural network. It is used for data flow programming as an open source software library over various range of tasks. It is symbolic  math library used in research and production both. Tensorflow is used… Read More »

Introduction to Neural Networks

Here you will get an introduction to neural networks in the field of data science. Neural networks are similar to biological neural network. Biological neural network is collection of biological neurons in human brain similarly Neural network is collection of nodes called Artificial neurons. Neural networks are based on non-task specific programming concepts like in… Read More »

Introduction to Deep Learning

Here you will get an introduction to deep learning. Deep learning is also known as hierarchical learning. It is used for interpretation of information processing and communication patterns in biological neural system. It also defines relation between different stimuli and associated neural responses in brain. It is a part of machine learning methods with non-task… Read More »

Most Common Machine Learning Algorithms

Here you will learn about list of machine learning algorithms for beginners. Hello there everyone! Hope you all are doing well. Today we are among you once again with another article on Machine Learning. We already have covered the introduction part and how to setup your environment for ML, so moving on in this very… Read More »

5 Best Python Machine Learning IDEs

In this article we are going to discuss about best Python Machine Learning IDEs and will find out which one suits you according to your needs. Also we will be deciding what should be the system requirements and hardware configuration of our machine to run these IDEs smoothly without any lag. So without wasting a moment… Read More »

Best Python Machine Learning Libraries

In this article I am going to share some popular and best python machine learning libraries. I will advise you to go through Introduction to Machine Learning article (an introductory blogpost) to get better insights as we move further. Here we will be focusing on some of the cool packages and libraries that we can use… Read More »

Introduction to Machine Learning (ML)

Here you will get introduction to machine learning. Hello there. Many of you must be aware of this term but some might be wondering what the heck is this? Another technical jargon only? Let’s make this simple for you, Machine Learning is made up of two different words Machine and Learning which literally means “making… Read More »