Program to Reverse Number in C++

Here you will get program to reverse number in C++.



Enter any number:12674
The reversed number is 47621

7 thoughts on “Program to Reverse Number in C++

    1. Neeraj Mishra

      % is used to get remainder of a number by dividing it by other number. And if we do modulus of number by 10 then the last digit of number is remainder. Means 123%10=3 or 12%10=2. I hope this will make you clear.

  1. Varun Gude

    I used this program but it is not working for numbers starting with zero.
    For example,
    001 should give me 100; but it gives me 1

  2. ali

    what the statement rev=(rev*10)+d
    what the value of rev in this statement

  3. anuj srivastava

    this was really helpful… thanku.. but I couldn’t find the solution to write a program to enter a number and print the sum of digits.


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