What’s new in the latest Java version 101?

What’s new in the latest Java version 101?

Looking at the constant additions to Java Software Development platform, it won’t be wrong to say that the programming framework is here to stay. The ever-growing need for robust software products and web applications has encouraged Java developers to work with latest versions so as to come up with software & apps that are worth their development cost effort and also time. In this article, I’d be discussing about Java’s latest version 101. So, without further adieu, let’s hope onto some of the best features of Java 101 which have made the version a must-have for Java software developers.

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Java programming has always been a hot favorite amongst programmers who’re involved in developing dynamic and user-friendly standalone applications and useful software products. Irrespective of whether the Java developer chooses object-oriented language, threaded programming or garbage collection approach; gathering effective knowledge about Java 101 can aids him/her in gaining expertise in the web/software development platform.

What does Java101 entail?
Java101 is considered to be the next generation in Java programming. There’s been a commendable introduction of newer Java language syntax, libraries and API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) which will definitely connect with today’s Java developers, who’re always on a look out for additions to Java programming methods. Here’s a list of important additions to Java:

Java Date and Time API
Replacing Java SE platform’s existing date and time API java.util.Date and java.util.Calendar, you can now opt for the new API which distinguishes between machine and human views of a timeline. As an increasing sequence of instants along the timeline, this difference enables developers to maintain separate coding for both, human view and machine view. The machine view reveals a sequence of integral values such as noon, February 2, 2006 while the human view reveals a set of fields including year, month, day-of-month, hour, minute and second. The latest Java101 makes it possible to format a calendar wherein it’s type-safe. Additionally, Java 101 has a more robust Date, Time, Calendar API, which works wonders for addressing date, time and calendar functionality in Java programs.

Improvised usage of variables
The term “variable” refers to the container that holds information. Variables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, customized to the specific requirements of the coder. Here’s a list of incredible variables that come with the latest version of Java i.e. 101:

– Int: This variable is used for storing integers for eg: 1, -2, 5 etc.
– Float: This variable is used for storing floating-point number such as 7.9, 2.0, -7.87 etc.
– Double: This variable has a much larger space for storing floating point numbers as compared to the “float” variable.
– Boolean: This variable stores either of the two values viz: True or False.
– String: This variable is utilized for storing text such as “Hello world”, “Java 101 Welcomes you”. 

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Although the recent years have witnessed many innovative versions of Java programming language, but the core basics remain the same. The improvements brought in Java software development have contributed towards the rapid growth in the phenomenon of hiring proficient Java developers. It won’t be wrong to say that the true power of Java doesn’t lie in applets but in various other applications for which it’s been utilized.

Java comes in a variety of flavors with the most common being the standalone application and the applet. It’s pleasing to know that these stand-alone applications have no restrictions and come with a full-range of functionality in the form of pre-written Java classes. The coding freedom offered to the developers makes Java one of the most preferable Software development platforms for developing software products that are capable of serving different purposes. So, if you want to hire Java developers then don’t hesitate to go through the latest versions of Sun’s Java Development Kit (JDK). You can visit official websites and download the best Java SDK for developing seamless software applications.

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