C Function Pointer

We declare a pointer to integer, pointer to character or pointer to array. Similarly we can declare a pointer to function or a function pointer. Same as like variables, functions also have some address in memory.

C Function Pointer

A function pointer is a pointer that contains the address of a function. It can be declared in following way. You must follow the same syntax for declaration otherwise you will get an error.

return_type (* pointer_name) (argument_list);

int (*p) (int, int);

In above example we are declaring a pointer to function or a function pointer that will contain the address of a function with return type integer and having two integer arguments.

The above function pointer p can be assigned address of a function and can call that function in following way. Lets assume the function with name fun1().

As you can see in above example that function pointer can be assigned address and can call a function in two ways. You can use any one of them.

Lets make one program that will calculate addition of two numbers using the concept of function pointer in C.


C Function Pointer - Pointer to Funtion

1. Firstly I have made a function add() that will take two integer arguments, calculate their addition and return the result.

2. Now in the main() function I am declaring a function pointer p and then storing the address of function add(). This can be done without using the address of operator i.e. &.

3. Finally I am calling the function using the function pointer and then displaying the result. As I have already mentioned above that the calling can also be done in two ways. So here we can call the function by simply writing p(5,3).

Below I have added a video that will help you in understanding the concept of function pointer or pointer to function in C.

C function pointer is an advance topic of pointer and a little bit difficult too. If you have any kind of queries then please mention it in comments.

1 thought on “C Function Pointer”

  1. Shankar Sivasubramaniyan

    //storing address of function in the function pointer p
    p = fun1; //first way
    p = &fun1 //second way

    but in the next example, it was stored like given below

    p=&add;// is this is the third way of storing?

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