Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Website Design

The design of a website plays an imperative role in creating an effective and impressive online presence that can entice potential visitors and convert them into customers. Therefore, if you really want to leverage your business, then your web solution must posses an intuitive and trendy design.

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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Website Design
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Despite web design is an ever fluctuating field, you can ensure a surefire appearance of your website by keeping the common design mistakes at bay. This article will offer you a list of guidelines that can help you deliver an astonishing website. Some of the mistakes that are enlisted below leave viewers with frustration while some make the site quite hard to use; certainly all these reasons impact the site bounce rate, thus, these must be avoided.

Let’s explore the common design mistakes and how they can be avoided.

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Website Design

1. Don’t include extraneous content

Your site visitors are always interested in the relevant and updated content. Whether you have designed a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section or run a blog to support your website, it is vital to only include the topics that best describe your business services and features. This will surely help your viewers to seek the requisite info with ease, and create a good impression, which will ultimately benefit your business.

2. Make your content legible

Nowadays, the Internet is easily accessible (even on the go via the advanced mobile devices), it is possible that your visitors might be doing some other work while browsing your site. Thus, it is advisable to make your content easy to read so that your viewers can efficiently go through the content. Moreover, since this is the Internet not a book, it is better to write small blocks of text instead of large chunks.

To accomplish this competently, here are certain tips.

  • It is more than imperative to display a search box in your site. No matter whether you run a professional site or a simple blogging site, a search box is quite essential. 
  • You can organize your web content in a way that your viewers can conveniently scan the content and fetch the desired info. For instance, you can include bullet points, effective headers, sub-header, and so forth.

3. Ensure a seamless and smooth navigation

If your users are not able to proficiently accomplish a desired action, your website is merely of any use. Therefore, the flow of information and actions from one web page to another must be consistent and seamless.

However, with the inception of numerous web development technologies, there are no ideal navigation standards. The only principle for a consummate navigation is that it must be intuitive and persistent. You must define your site navigation in tandem with your site theme. Moreover, you may also integrate textual description for all links. Most importantly, make it certain that your users are able to locate the requisite data in minimum clicks.

4. Consider subtle and effective color scheme

Choose a color palette that best complements your website while lending a pleasing visual appeal to your visitors. The choice of poor colors can distract your viewers and make your message unclear and hard-to-read. Furthermore, you must also consider the vision impaired viewers. Thus, it would be advantageous to choose a high contrast color scheme, and this can be proficiently designed by including an appropriate CSS (cascading style sheets).

5. Use simple and crisp registration forms

Lengthy forms asking myriads of details often annoy users and force them to abandon the site. Thus, if you want to make your form easy for your users, you can consider the following tips.

  • Don’t mandate all the fields, rather ask only for the essential details.
  •  Applying validation to a great extent can also irritate your users, so it is better to validate the fields that are required to be.
  • You can learn the kind of info, which is imperative for registration by reviewing other websites and accordingly streamline your registration process.

Wrapping Up

There are truckloads of websites already available on the Internet and many are created by day. Thus, to make your web design stand out in the pool of websites, you need to think of a design that is practical, highly usable and creative while embrace the ongoing web design trends. Consider the aforementioned tips and deliver a remarkable web design that can influence your viewers and convert them into your customers.

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