C Program for Longest Common Subsequence Problem

In this post I am sharing C program for Longest Common Subsequence Problem.
LCS problem is a dynamic programming approach in which we find the longest subsequence which is common in between two given strings. A subsequence is a sequence which appears in the same order but not necessarily contiguous. For example ACF, AFG, AFGHD, FGH are some subsequences of string ACFGHD. So for a string of length n there can be total 2^n subsequences. The LCS algorithm is widely used in bioinformatics.



For string ACFGHD and ABFHD, the longest common subsequence is AFHD. The function that is used to find the longest common subsequence of two strings is given below.


Longest Common Subsequence Problem


Below I have shared the C program for longest common subsequence problem and a video tutorial that will help you understand LCS algorithm easily.


C Program for Longest Common Subsequence Problem


C Program for Longest Common Subsequence Problem

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  1. Your logic behind this program is good bro but what if there are more then one lcs are possible. For example
    I have
    Y = BDCABA

    LCS are:

    then how am i able to print them all ??

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