12 Most Resourceful Tools For Web Developers

Innovation and expertise at the latest tools have become two of the most prominent points of concern among web designers and developers. If you’re a creative individual, then you need a suitable instrument for being able to produce a web product that is beyond boundaries in terms of looks and functionality. Although you might be using an ensemble of tools for adding a velvet touch to your web design and development projects, this post highlights twelve of the most efficient and most talked about tools that can increase the overall productivity by an impressive level. So, continue reading this post to find some interesting yet useful insights on these 12 stunning tools tailored to suite the needs of web developers.

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12 Most Resourceful Tools For Web Developers

1. Wee


Serving as a blueprint for web development, Wee is a light weight front-end framework used for building simple as well as complex responsive web projects. This tool is equipped with several simple-to-use and easily extensible HTML, CSS and JavaScript Bootstrap components which make the process of web development a complete breeze. Some other appealing features available with Wee include: JavaScript toolset, Mobile-first CSS, project organization and many more.

2. Enpass


As one of the finest password management tools, Enpass allows you to manage all your passwords in a simple and utmost convenient way. Compatible with all latest platforms like iOS, OS X, Android, Windows etc. Enpass doesn’r require any sign-up. Since none of your passwords or important credentials aren’t saved to the Enpass server, you can rest assured about any chances of data leakage. All your passwords and other critical details stay on your device and are securely encrypted using a unique master password.

3. BasicModal


One of the best add-ons to a developer’s toolkit is BasicModal. As an advanced dialog-system, this tool is equipped with everything that you require for displaying information or requesting input for your users. Some of the most appealing features of BasicModal include: zero dependencies, support for text inputs, support for CommonJS and AMD, highlighting invalid input, execution of dialogs in a row, compatibility will all major browsers and many more.

4. Emmet


As an essential tool for web developers, Emmet is an amazing plugin which serves as the best text editor and allows you to improve the speed of writing HTML. You can use Emmet for transforming CSS-like selectors into HTML faster. Features which make Emmet one of the finest tools for web developers include dynamic snippets, fully customizable, ultra-fast coding, highly portable and many more.

5. Bazel


A remarkable build tool from Google, Bazel allows you to build numerous Google software. This tool works as the best match for handling source code repositors and meeting varied software release and testing requirements. Since Bazel’s architecture supports multiple programming languages, you can use it for building client and server software products that target different architectures.

6. Hurl


If testing APIs has become a challenging job, then Hurl is here to help you out in the most effective way. To get started with using Hurl for making an HTTP request, all you need to do is simply choose a request method, customize the headers and POST parameters, add some basic authorization, follow redirects and hit on the ‘Launch Request’ button. You’ll be able to view impressively formatted HTTP request and response.

7. Scut


As a brilliant collection of Sass utilities, Scut allows you to improve the implementation of style-code patterns. If you’ve been struggling with repeating the same lines of styling code again and again, then Scut is for you. Features which make Scut different from other web developers’ tools include: flexible abstractions of common patterns, Extend placeholders, no vendor prefixes and easy installation.

8. Sublime Text

Sublime Text

Serving as one of the most sophisticated text editors for markup, code and prose, Sublime Text comes with a slick user interface and an amazing performance. Features which are thoroughly loved by Sublime Text users include: multiple selections, command palette, distraction free mode, instant project switch, split editing, plugin API and many more.

9. Better Error Pages

Better Error Pages

Error pages have always been indispensable components of web pages. Thanks to Better Error Pages tool, you can now create free, beautiful and fully responsive 404, 500-level and maintenance pages within just 60 seconds. All you need to do is simply provide specific information along with your website’s URL, email address and the availability status of the system status page.

10. Cloud9


Cloud9 serves as your development environment in the cloud. Combining a powerful online code editor with Ubuntu workspace in cloud, Cloud9 allows you to code together in real time. The best thing about Cloud9 is that it allows you to preview your web application in your favorite browsers, saving you from the hassles of installing browsers and platforms in virtual machines.

11. Insignia


Insignia is a fully progressive web development tool that allows you to add completely customizable tag inputs. With Insignia, you can conveniently enter a space-separated list of tags, allow humans to remove tags by simply clicking on the cross, enter a list of tags using a custom delimiter, transform tags and do a lot more interesting stuff.

12. Vagrant


If you’re thinking about building a complete development environment, Vagrant is the tool for you. Backed by an easy-to-use workflow, Vagrant makes it less time-consuming for you to setup your development environment. Chosen by some of the industry biggies like BBC, Mozilla, Expedia, Nokia and Disqus, Vagrant is a perfect tool for creating a lightweight and portable development environment.

A proper use of the aforementioned 12 tools will easily cut down a lot of your precious time and efforts which are otherwise consumed in performing web development tasks. Don’t forget to share your experiences with these tools. I’d be happy to hear them via the comments box provided right under this post. 

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