How to Solve Intel HAXM Error in Android Studio

Here you will get all possible reasons and solution for intel haxm error in android studio.

It is the most common problem faced by android developers. We can’t run Android Virtual Device (AVD) without intel haxm. As I am also an android developer so I face this problem each time I install a new copy of android studio in my laptop. I decided to share the solution for this problem so that it can help other developers.

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How to Solve Intel HAXM Error in Android Studio

Below are some possible reasons and solution for intel haxm error. Try all of them one by one, may be any of them will work for you.


Intel HAXM Not Installed Properly

First of all check intel haxm is installed on your system or not. For this open android sdk manager and check it is installed or not.

How to Solve Intel HAXM Error in Android Studio 1

In case it is installed then maybe there was some error while its installation that’s why it is not working properly.

Just uninstall intel haxm from control panel and download it separately from below link and then install. Make sure to restart your system.


If you are getting error like this “Failed to configure driver: unknown error. Failed to open driver” while installing haxm then you can try this solution.


Virtualization is Not Enabled

In some cases intel haxm not work when virtualization technology is not enabled. You can just enable it by going to BIOS settings.


Virtualization is Not Supported

It may be possible that your pc or laptop doesn’t support virtualization technology. In this case you can try following two solutions.

  • You can use third party android emulators like Genymotion, Bluestacks, Nox Player, etc to run and test your app.
  • You can also use your real android device by connecting it to your system using USB cable. But make sure the USB Debugging option is enabled in your mobile device.


Use ARM Image

You can use ARM image instead of Intel image to make your AVD. Make sure following package is installed. You can install it by going to SDK manager.

How to Solve Intel HAXM Error in Android Studio 2

Note: AVD made with ARM image works 10 times slower than made with Intel image. Use this option only when above solutions doesn’t work. That’s why I have given this solution at last. If you are using ARM image AVD then make sure your system have at least 8 GB ram and good processor as it will run really slow.

I am sure at least one solution will work for you. Let me know which solution worked for you. If still you are facing any problem then comment below, I will try to solve it.

Happy Coding!! 🙂 🙂

9 thoughts on “How to Solve Intel HAXM Error in Android Studio”

  1. In my pc, intel-vt is not supported so i was using my device for testing, but as you mentioned in earlier video that other emulators like genymotion using virtual box can be used. So i downloaded and installed but i am facing a very serious issue.

    While starting the virtual device, i always encounters a problem ” virtual device cannot obtain an ip address. Virtual box Dhcp has not assigned an ip adress to virtual device.”

    I looked for all poasible solution on google and also find many videos for solving it where they say to assign an ip adress and server adress on host only network tab.. …… But every time get the same error…..

    Please if anyone has encountered the same problem and solved it or anyone knows how to solve the problem, please inform.

    Note: I dont have any broadband or any network connection always connected to my pc, or neither have set any additional ip adress set in the network and sharing settings.

    If possible please email the solution to me… Or if you want to post a blog, provide me the link in my email

  2. I am facing a problem in AVD in running time that is “intel haxm not working …….BIOS is ubabled…reffered to your PC setting” how I can solve it

  3. I I am facing the problem that HAXM device is not found troubleshooting…what should I do please tell me

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