Android Login and Register Using Restful Web Services (Java + MySQL)

Here you will learn to make android login and register system using restful web services in java and mysql.

In this tutorial I will teach you to develop a very simple android app for login and register system. This system sends the login or register request to the restful web service that is running on local server.

If you don’t know how to make restful web services in java and use it in android then I would highly recommend you to first read below tutorials.

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Android Login and Register Using Restful Web Services (Java + MySQL)

Android Login and Register Using Restful Web Services (Java + MySQL)

Create Restful Web Service

I have used MySQL database in this web service. Make a login table in database with following schema.

mysql database login schema


Below is the code for restful web service developed in Java.


Create Android Project

Make a new android project with package name com.loginandregister

For sending and fetching data from server I am using Volley library. So add its dependency in build.gradle file.


Read below tutorial if you don’t know how to use volley library.

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As we are doing network related operation so add internet access permission in AndroidManifest.xml file.


Now create three activities in the project Login, Register and Home. Add following code in the respective files.








Make sure the web service is already running on the server. Also change the IP in the URL with the IPv4 of your local system. You can find the IPv4 in windows by typing ipconfig command in command prompt.

Finally run and test the project.







The whole code is very simple and self-explanatory. If still you are facing any problem then feel free to ask in comment section.

33 thoughts on “Android Login and Register Using Restful Web Services (Java + MySQL)”

  1. Hay,
    The Above code are not able to connect to database. It Show failed to connect to It Show exception in emulator with Toast.

  2. Matheus Vinicius

    Estou com erro conexao ver se esta certo?

    String URL = “http:///”;

    final static String url = “jdbc:mysql://localhost:8080/webservice”;

    webservice é o nome do meu banco

  3. I am getting error: BasicNetwork.performRequest: Unexpected response code 404
    Checked with all solution
    my URL:

  4. In your class i seen user and password with plain text. It’s so riskcan buddy. You can encryption them. Willy this unrecommended .just comment to get good result maybe in the future.

  5. i’m getting error as
    i dint understand how to give the url please help me in these two cases

  6. can you please help me out in creating a web service for a android project.

    I will be so graceful.
    thanks in advance

    1. this command is not working in android studio 3.0.1 Toast.makeText(”Register.this”, “Registration Successful”, Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

      is this can be replaced by
      toast.makeText(getapplicationcontext, “Registration Successful”, Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

      reply fast

  7. I have used my IP address of my PC in the Url = http://[my ip address]:8081/MyFoodies/LoginRegisterWebService/login
    But still its throwing ‘Volley – time out error ‘
    > Switched off my Firewall settings
    > Tried this IP too
    > Tried Port no 8080, 8082, 8500
    I am using the ‘Remix OS Player’ emulator in my android studio.

    Set a break point in following step, but its not going inside ‘onResponse(String s)’ method …any idea what could be the problem ?
    StringRequest request = new StringRequest(Request.Method.POST, URL, new Response.Listener()

  8. Hello Neeraj,
    I have seen your above example and i am 99% sure that i have done all perfectly but i am getting problem in one place may be you have faced it so plz help me in solving this.
    (I am using POST method).
    The problem is when i am testing Rest api using Postman Rest Client in browser the data is inserting properly and getting proper json response and also when i execute the same url from my Android Phone’s Chrome Browser it is working perfectly. But when i am setting value from Android app i am getting “null” (in Eclipse Log cat) and not inserting that value in MySql database.

  9. Hello,
    Program is running but I want the program to pull data in JSON format. How can I do this in ANDROID STUDIO program?

    1. Hey can you pls tell me where we have to create the DemoService class file. I have created in spring suite tool

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  11. StringRequest request = new StringRequest(DownloadManager.Request.Method.POST, URL, new Response.Listener()
    Method line cannot be resolved plz help I am using this code on my project

  12. Hi, Thank you so much for your generosity. I have however failed to get it working so far. I get a server timeout error. Two days on this and I haven’t moved a foot.

  13. Hey, can you pls explain where we have to make file and which dependencies we have to use for that?
    Pls reply.

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