Wondershare Data Recovery Software

Wondershare Data Recovery Software can be used to recover deleted, corrupted, lost or formatted data. Data can be distinguished as Photos, Videos, Audios, Documents, e-mails, and other file formats.

Two softwares are offered by Wondershare to recover data from flash drive, computer, hard drive, SD card, phones and many more.

Wondershare Data Recovery Software

2 types of Wondershare Data Recovery are stated below:

1. Wondershare Data Recovery: This software can recover around 550 formats of files including e-mails, documents, photos, videos, audios, and more.

2. Wondershare Photo Recovery: This software can only recover studios, videos and photos from all storage devices.

Features of Wondershare Data Recovery

  • It is efficient and effective software as it offers Powerful Scan, that can scan every lost file from any device and within few minutes all the data is recovered.
  • Also this software offers a Preview Function, which provides you a brief preview of all the lost files before recovery, so that you can choose which file you want to recover.
  • Another feature includes Deep Scan, by which you can active a detailed scan in the storage device.
  • The recovery steps are absolutely easy any doesn’t require any tech support.

Wondershare Data Recovery Software

Recovery Modes offered by Wondershare Data Recovery

1. Wizard Mode: If you’ve no knowledge about the Data Recovery function, you can choose this mode, there will be various instructions displayed on the screen you’ve to just follow them to Recover data from flash drive, hard drive, computers or any other storage device.

2. Lost File Recovery: In this mode, you can recover the formatted and deleted files.

3. Partition Recovery: By this mode, the data that is deleted, lost or formatted partition-ally can be restored.

4. Raw Recovery: You can scan the partitions of the hard-drive that are raw, and also can get a preview of all the lost files before recovering.

5. Resume Recovery: You can resume a recovery session which was active earlier in this mode.

Wondershare Data Recovery Software

Simple steps to recover data from USB Flash-drives

Flash Drive Data Recovery can be easily achieved with few easy steps mentioned below- (You can use the steps stated below when you’ve no backup available of the data to be recovered.)

1. Step 1: On your computer, launch the Wondershare Data Recovery software and from the recovery modes choose the ‘Lost File Recovery’ mode.

Wondershare Data Recovery Software

2. Step 2: For the Flash Drive Data Recovery, make sure that the particular USB flash-drive is connected to the computer, and then choose locations where you want to perform the ‘Deep Scan’.

Wondershare Data Recovery Software

3. Step 3: The Scanning operation will then be concluded with a preview of all the lost/deleted files from the USB Flash Drive. Select the files you wish to recover and save them to a fresh location.

Wondershare Data Recovery Software


The Wondershare Data Recovery software is absolutely effective and can perform all the recovery functions without any tech support. One can easily follow the instructions by the software and recover his/her lost files without any difficulties.

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