Difference between float and double

Here you will learn about difference between float and double i.e. float vs double.

These are two commonly used floating point data types in programming languages like C, C++, Java, etc. Both float and double are used to store values with decimal point but there are some differences between them that are mentioned below.

float vs double – Difference between float and double

  Float Double
Precision Single precision (1 bit for sign, 8 bits for exponent, 23 bits for fraction) Double precision (1 bit for sign, 11 bits for exponent, 52 bits for fraction)
Size 4 Bytes (32 Bits) 8 Bytes (64 Bits)
Range -3.4E+38 to +3.4E+38 -1.7E+308 to +1.7E+308
Accuracy 6 decimal digits 15 decimal digits

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