5 Best Python IDEs for Windows/Mac/Linux

Here you will get list of best python ides for windows, mac and linux operating system.

Most of us think that Almost all the basic programs in any programming languages can be written using a text editor and can be run by command line then why we need to use an IDE (Integrated development environment)?

Let’s suppose you are writing a program. First you’ll need a text-editor like notepad, gedit, notepad++, vim editor or sublime etc. To run it we need to use command line then the command line will compile your source code and check whether there is any error or not. We have to write the code accurately. If any error occurs then again we have to debug the code. Writing a code using a text-editor is a time-taking task and you’ve to remember all the methods or properties given by the particular language.

On other hand an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a software that contains all of the necessary needs to make programs at one place just like a code editor, build automation tools, a debugger, compiler and interpreter. So we don’t need to use several softwares to make a program.

Using an IDE can save a lot your time by auto completing the code and syntax checking.

We can’t say that which IDE is best for Python Programming because each IDE has some extra advantages and new features than others. Just like if you’re new to python then you should use Pycharm Educational Edition or if you want to work with scientific programming then you’ll love Spyder IDE.

So here is the list of some most used python IDEs with there features. Choose any one among them according to your need.

5 Best Python IDEs for Windows, Mac, Linux

5 Best Python IDEs for Windows/Mac/Linux

1. Pycharm

Developed by: Czech company Jetbrains.

OS support: windows , Linux, macOS

Features: code completion, syntax and error highlighting , linter integration, quick fixes, specialized projects views, file structure views, quick jumping between files, classes, methods and usages, support for web frameworks (like Django, web2py and Flask), integrated Python debugger, integrated unit testing, with line-by-line code coverage, Google App Engine Python Development.

Details: Pycharm is available in two editions, first one is community edition which is free to use. On other hand Professional Edition is paid one having some extra features (like Scientific tools, python web frameworks, python profiler, Remote development capabilities, Database & SQL support). However there is an another Edition named as Pycharm Educational Edition for those who wanted to learn or teach programming with Python.

2. Spyder

Developed by: Spyder developer community

Features: editor with syntax highlighting and introspection for code completion, support for multiple Python Consoles (including IPython),the ability  to explore and edit variables from a GUI, available plugins (Static Code Analysis with Pylint, Code Profiling, Conda Package Manager with Conda),

OS Support: cross-platform through Anaconda, on Windows with WinPython and Python(x,y), on MacOs through MacPorts, and on major Linux distributions such Arch Linux, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo Linux, OpenSUSE and Ubuntu.

Details: It is an open source IDE released under MIT License mostly used for Scientific programming with Python Language. Spyder stands for Scientific PYthon Development EnviRonment. A powerful ide for Python with advanced editing, interactive testing, debugging and introspection features and a numerical computing environment, thanks to the support of IPython (enhanced interactive Python interpreter) and popular Python libraries such as NumPy (linear algebra), SciPy (signal and image processing) or matplotlib (interactive 2D/3D plotting).

So if you’re working with Scientific programming just like Data analysis, or for people with experience of both RStudio and MATLAB, Spyder IDE is best choice.

3. PyDev

Developed by: Appcelerator

OS support: all operating that supports Eclipse like windows, macOS, Linux.

Details: Pydev is not an IDE itself but it is a third party plugin for Eclipse. If you’ve worked with Java or Android then you may have used or heard about Eclipse. Having PyDev with Eclipse provides a great environment to code in Python.

Features: CPython, Jython and IronPython support, code completion with auto import, code analysis, debugger, Django, Remote Debugging, interactive console, basic syntax highlighting, Parser errors, outline view, Pylintintegration.

4. Wing

Developed by: Wingware

OS support: windows, OS X, Linux

Details: wing Python IDE is highly flexible, professional IDE with a Powerful debugger and intelligent editor. If you love using VIM , then Wing amazingly binds with the VIM editor.

Features: local and remote debugging, editing with multiple key bindings, auto completions and auto editing, code intelligence, multi-selection, source browser and code navigation, code refactoring, unit testing, version control, Pylint integration, search abilities, extensive documentation. works with Django, web2py, flask, Google App Engine, Turbogears, Zope and Plane, Jupyter, Vagrant and many others.  Emulates  emacs, vim, visual studio, Eclipse, XCode and Brief and users can add custom key bindings.

5. Eric

Developed by: Detlev Offenbach

OS support: Linux, macOS, windows

Details: Eric is another free best IDE for Python development which provide all necessary tools needed for writing code and professional management of a software project. Eric also support many other languages such as Ruby as high as Python.

Features: unlimited number of editors, configurable window layout, configurable syntax highlighting, auto-completion, integrated class browser, integrated profiling, integration of Qt Desginer, Debugging, interface to spell checking library, Application diagrams, integrated web browser, support for Django as a optional plug-in, interactive python shell, CORBA support based on omniORB, integrated rope refactoring tool as optional plug-in.

So these were some of most used best python IDEs to work with. There are a lot of other alternatives out there like Rodeo for scientific development, or VIM text editor which offers featured Python development environment when configured correctly for Python Development and many other IDEs like Komodo, Emacs.


As we know Python is very old programming language so there are many development tools to work with python. We’ve mentioned top 5 most used IDE’s above. Choose any of them as suits to your requirements.

Let us know in comment section that which IDE you’re using and why?

4 thoughts on “5 Best Python IDEs for Windows/Mac/Linux”

  1. I am a new student of programming from a university and i am learning c++ programming so, which editor should i use for effective programming. Please give me reply i am shall wait for your response.

    1. Not questioning your preference for pycharm as such, but if you just started with something I find it a bit strong to make a statement that the one and only IDE you have tested is the best 🙂

      I have been working as a py dev for over 20 years and the ones I have prefered best so far are Wing and IntelliJ.

      I have so far found IntelliJ to be less buggy than PyCharm, but I haven’t checked pycharm the last year or so, it might have gotten better than IntelliJ by now.

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