5 Best Freelancing Sites in India

Here you will get to know about some best freelancing sites in India.

In the 21st century we do not really need to hard work in order to earn great, all we need is a great amount of talent with a magic of smart work. The freelancing sites are providing us with that essentially required magic. These sites let us work with our pace and ease without much commitments and long term agreements with the employers. The employees find these sites particularly “cool” and a great platform to unleash their talents and earn money without wasting much of their efforts. All of this comes together with a payment assurance.

Also, what could be better even from the employer’s prospective? You are getting variety of talented individuals to choose from and multiple portfolios are just one click away. All you need to do is: click on one and get the complete information about the employee and then compare with as many other employees as you wish and finally select according to your job requirements.

This perfect employee – employer’s chemistry is making the freelancing sites a big hit. Here are the top freelancing sites in India which are giving a boost to the easy employment procedure.

Best Freelancing Sites in India

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5 Best Freelancing Sites in India

1. Upwork


Initiated with the idea of two friends creating business and make it flourish around the globe, the UPWORK is now one of the world’s leading freelancing sites. It is providing millions of jobs with people earning more than $1 billion per year. The site provides a range of employment opportunities; from tech geeks (for web and mobile app development) to creative writers (for content writing, SEO etc.) not just these, there are many other fields like graphic design and admin help etc. on which you can get to work on and earn good money. The companies like Panasonic, Unilever etc. lend this site a good employer reputation, which is really alluring.

2. Freelancer


A big name amongst the freelancing sites in india, the freelancer gives way to the approach of placing easy bids and getting hired accordingly. The freelancer is working efficiently across around 247 countries, giving big employment opportunities to freelancers catering to the needs of writing and other variety of jobs. Once you get hired, you have ocean of opportunities as a freelancer, all you need to have is a good talent and ample patient to get stabilized as a freelancer.

3. Truelancer


This site aims at building a global community of freelancers who are ready to serve and work assuring full work satisfaction. Various contests are organized to let the budding freelancers show case themselves and get recognized so that they can easily increase their market value without much efforts or without any dependency on luck or on the employer’s mood. This feature of the site provides them with a good X-factor and a great opportunity to the freelancers for becoming well reputed employees.

4. Fiverr


Founded in 2010, this site is a great platform for interactions among the employee and the employer over small businesses. It undoubtedly provides remarkable opportunities to entrepreneurs and starts ups which are currently not much recognized but definitely are in an urgent need of recognition. Well versed professionals find this an easy approach to get hired and find work easily. This also increases the versatility of the work available on the site. Apart from the popular and regular tech or writing savvy jobs, this also provides great fun and lifestyle related employment opportunities.

5. WorknHire


Work n hire is a simple and easily accessible and easy to understand site for the freelancers and the employers, its simplicity makes it desirable. There are no complex terminologies used for hiring or getting hired. On top of that, as an icing on the cake, it also provides good employment opportunities for the Indian employees, which makes it quite popular in India as the people find it quite native to their work style.

The above mentioned sites are gaining great popularity among the Indian freelancers owing to the ample work opportunities they are providing with ease of access (as already discussed). After getting signed up for these sites, you can easily receive notifications according to your preferences right in your mail account. This approach simplifies a major task for the freelancers: “the task of short listing jobs for themselves.”

Do let us know in the comment section if we missed any other popular and best freelancing sites in India.

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  1. Hi , I want to create an application-app-platform-software , how can I contact a few good programmers for price .

    Thank you .

  2. Thanks for the info but I have found many more freelancing sites like peopleperhour, guru etc.
    Even fiverr can also be used as freelancing jobs.

    Still I must say you have written it so well that it will help a lot.

  3. Nice list,with the increase in population of india,expect indians to take more freelancers job online.

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