SkySilk – A Managed Cloud Services Provider

Managing data in a cloud is an important aspect to any developers journey through building their projects. With an advent in storage and managing solutions, it is becoming even more difficult for us to select the perfect provider for our cloud services; Including many aspects like security and integrity-which are also among the most crucial ones-need to be taken care of. SkySilk is setting benchmarks in this respect by providing a simplified solution to VPS hosting with a focus on developers. SkySilk maintains everything on the back-end which is desired out of a cloud service and offers a multitude of 1-click VPS hosting options to kickstart any production or testing environment. The various awe-inspiring features of this service are.

SkySilk - A Managed Cloud Services Provider

Simplified VPS Hosting Platform

The company encapsulates a range of well defined hardware and software resources to make your work easy, portable, and scalable. Users will be able to deploy machines from a list of over 40 Linux distros, apps & tools. These cloud resources are functional, up-to-date, and can be easily implemented at any layer of various models.

Some of the tools in which are more developer-focused include frameworks like Node.js, Django, and CakePHP. There are also multiple deployments for popular databases which include MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Furthermore, none of these need to be manually installed as they are prepackaged as a Turnkey Linux template. However, if you need to set up a clean OS cloud computing environment, users can choose from a variety of Linux distros like Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, and more.

Affordable Pricing

SkySilk offers a range of payment models which can be fit to suit any project requirement be it small or large. There are three pricing tiers offered: Basic, Standard, and Premium, each starting at $1, $2, and $5 a month, respectively. In addition to affordable pricing, SkySilk doesn’t compromise the amount of resources that are partitioned for each plan. In other words, you receive more resources for a significantly less cost than compared to other VPS platforms. Every server is SSD based and the premium plans boast NVMe Storage for lightning fast data transfer and command handling as well.

Furthermore, a feature that is particularly useful for developers is their VPS “Boost”. Think of it as a temporary measure for scaling your machine. While other platforms allow you to scale your server at any time, this is only a one-time procedure and is permanent. While SkySilk also allows you to permanently scale you machine, boosts are a simple, and extremely cost-effective way to scale a VPS for 24 hours at a time.

Open-Source Technology

On the back-end of its infrastructure, SkySilk utilizes a pool of well-maintained open-source software. Going through the list you can find on their website, Proxmox comes first which is a virtualization management solution based on QEMU/KVM and LXC. This provides “clustered, fault tolerant, and seamless virtualization management” of VPS. Additionally, SkySilk utilizes Ceph Storage which is an open-source and scalable distributed file storage system. Ceph is designed to provide a replicated storage solution within their cloud platform.


SkySilk ensures consistent security for your crucial data, which is a prevalent concern with most developers in modern days; and for good reason nonetheless. Thus, reliability and data integrity are maintained by SkySilk throughout the service with built-in DDoS protection, AntiVirus, secure SSH access, and more security features.

If you are looking forward to a company which is offering cloud management services, SKYSILK is definitely a big yes. It not only caters to all your needs but also provides for an incredibly affordable price which will be a great comfort to your wallet.


One last feature of SkySilk that is worth mentioning in brief is their sense of community. Not only is their support proven to respond almost instantaneously both on the website and through social media, they also encourage all of their users to post in their community forums and join their Discord server. For those that are unfamiliar, Discord is a voice and text chat software that serves purposes for gaming, but also server chat rooms that are used by SkySilk and other individuals/companies. There, users can share their feedback, ideas, and even their own personal projects and services while communicating with other platform users.


In conclusion, SkySilk serves as an incredibly flexible platform that will serve a range of users from individual to corporate-based. Additionally, since SkySilk has been testing over the last few years, they have been able to pinpoint a number of potential issues and features to provide fixes and updates for. As a user, having the ability to talk directly with the team behind your cloud service provider and suggest new features and fixes is invaluable and will provide a healthy platform for the future.

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