Helpful Tips to Make Your New App More Secure

Up to 92 percent of all apps available today have security weaknesses or flaws that can be easily exploited by nefarious cyber-criminals. If you are creating an app or planning to launch one in the near future, then making sure it is secure is a must. After all, there’s no one who wants to use an insecure app.

While using the services of third party service providers, like, is a great start, there are other steps you need to take to achieve a level of true security. Keep reading to learn what you can do to safeguard all the hard work you have done.

Helpful Tips to Make Your New App More Secure

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Ground Up Protection

When it comes to any type of software project, including apps, you need to make sure that security is the main priority from the very first day you begin working on it. However, it is crucial to remember, a native app is extremely different from a web application.

If you have a web application, software and data are found exclusively on a service and the client-side is essentially just an interface. However, with a native app, the code that is found on the device after it has been downloaded makes it much more accessible to individuals who have any type of malicious intent.

There are quite a few vulnerabilities that are present in the source code of the app. However, that isn’t where the majority of businesses focus the security dollars. Data and network security components are both vital elements of the bigger security picture. While this is true, the security has to begin with your actual app.

There is a wide array of reasons that vulnerabilities may occur, ranging from your failure to test your code, a developer error, or that your app has become the target of a hacker.

Back End Security

Cloud servers and servers that your apps APIs are accessing (a third party’s or your own) need to have set security practices in place to provide adequate protection for data and to help and prevent any unauthorized access.

The APIs, along with those who are accessing them, need to be verified. This can help to prevent cases of eavesdropping on ay type of sensitive information that may be passing from the app’s database and server to the client.

Utilize a Smart Encryption Policy for Mobile Device Use

Although it was stated above, it is a good idea to mention it again – much more of an app’s data and code will have to be stored on your device than with a typical web app.


Because you are now accounting for the often-varying bandwidth, performance, and the quality of the devices being used. With more data being stored locally on devices (regardless of if it is temporarily or permanently), it’s going to be more vulnerable.

A “leaky” app may release your customer’s data without them being aware of the problem. This is done with mobile data points that have been collected or entered in the background, such as usage habits for the device, location, and age.

Security is a Must-Have for Any App

If you want a secure app, you have to take steps to ensure this happens. There are more than a few methods you can use to ensure security but be sure to keep the tips and information here in mind. While the professionals can offer some layer of help, it’s also important that you take your own security steps to minimize the possibility of problems when actual users begin accessing the app that you have created.

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