Windows 10 Is Now On 825 Million Active Devices: What It Means For Programmers

In November 2017, Windows announced that their Windows 10 operating system had been downloaded onto 600 million active devices. This was a big deal at the time, representing an extra 100 million users in less than six months. However, in May 2019, that record was smashed as it emerged that there are now 825 million devices running Windows 10. This makes it the world’s most popular operating system for desktops and laptops, finally surpassing Windows 7. This comes as 2018 finished with Microsoft as the most valuable company in the world.

Windows 10 Is Now On 825 Million Active Devices: What It Means For Programmers

The scale of Microsoft’s popularity is important for programmers. This company will lead the way in technological developments, whether it is in the form of machine learning or creating more powerful applications. Understanding how the masters achieve such a widely used operating system can help computer coders to appeal both to the tech obsessed and the average user.

When Will The Billion Mark Be Reached?

In the world of tech, a billion is a special number. Facebook hit a billion users way back in 2013, just eight years after its launch, and is set to hit the two billion mark imminently. YouTube managed the same in the same year, while Instagram didn’t gather a billion users until 2010. It is an elite club, but it is a milestone that Microsoft will want to celebrate as part of a marketing campaign aimed at convincing Windows 7 users to upgrade and Mac OS users to cross the aisle. At current rates of growth, more than a billion devices are likely to have installed Windows 10 before the end of 2019.

Developments Coming In AI

So what does this mean for the world of computer programmers? Becoming familiar with Windows 10 is a good way to understand the ultimate aims of the company. You will notice a greater focus on artificial intelligence than there has ever been on previous versions of Windows. This comes in the form of personal assistant, Cortana. Aiming to rival the likes of Siri from Apple and Alexa from Amazon, it is all a case of who has the most advanced AI. Computer programmers should focus on machine learning if they want to launch a successful tech company in the coming years.

The Windows Terminal App

Another way Windows has continued to stay relevant is with the the launch of its Terminal app. This is specifically aimed at programmers, with fast and efficient command-line tools. Having a look around this app will give you some insight into the epic coding that went into creating Windows 10. With multiple tabs and easy to read text, it is a way of making coding easier. Once again, this shows Microsoft’s ability to reach out to a wider audience and bring the average consumer on board.

PowerToys For Windows 10

PowerToys are about as fun as they sound, allowing computer programmers to maximize the potential of their Windows 10 powered device. If you are lucky enough to remember Windows 95, then you’ll already have experience with the software. However, the new launch of PowerToys for Windows 10 is exciting a lot of coding enthusiasts. Everything is geared towards efficiency and improved workflow, so that productivity is king, and programming is fun and easy.

Windows 10 is like a dream for tech lovers. It inspires ambitious coders, offering something for everyone from the average web browser to high level computer programmers. The news that 825 million active devices now use the operating system is no surprise, but it is a landmark achievement. The future of AI and coding is looking very exciting.

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