ICT.Social – A Social Network for IT Professionals

ICT.social is an international social platform for IT professionals to gather around and resolve programming queries by providing solutions. The platform hosts a large number of databases including online courses (free and paid versions) and articles related to programming and IT sector.


The best part?

ICT.social works as a social media platform for programmers making it the most convenient and interactive platform for sharing and gaining knowledge. It offers a profile page for each member, personal chat option, tagging of members, and other similar features that a social network has.

The platform offers great opportunities for both beginners as well as experienced programmers. Beginners can visit the ICT.social website to gain knowledge and excel in the programming language they love to work with.

For experienced and expert programmers the platform has a lot of stuff to do with them. Like they can share the project they are working on, ask queries related to any issue, learn new courses, solve quizzes to gain more, and discuss topics related to their work.

Also, the members of the platform can create their portfolio on the website to showcase their achievements and projects they worked on. With the help of ICT.social, many beginner-level have transformed their skills to the pro level and many of them have got jobs.

What could be more effective than this?

The platform is for all types of programmers who have a great passion for programming and understanding the field of IT. You don’t need to have prior techy skills to join them. If you want to learn it could be a great opportunity for beginners like you.

Benefits of ICT.social

There are a lot of advantages for programmers and code lovers to join ICT.social. Let’s have a look at how the platform is beneficial for its users:

Free To Join

ICT.social is a platform for programmers and IT geeks to impart and gain fresh knowledge on the subject of matter on which they are seeking to learn. Moreover, the platform provides free online courses for beginners to learn and move to a higher scale.


In addition, the platform also offers some free features like quizzes to improve IQ, portfolio creation for showcasing projects and works of any use, private messages, sample source codes for learning, user profiles, and member tagging to make the platform more interactive and user-friendly.

Articles Library

ICT.social has a large library of articles for its users to stay engaged in what they are learning. Not limited to this, they also post fresh articles daily so their content always remains up to date. Also, they publish new courses very often so users would never feel that they are missing something.


The platform is a social media hub for all the major technologies that are running in the IT sector such as PHP, Java, C#, C++, VB.net, JS, Python, Swift, Kotlin, etc. and many others. Working on as many different technologies would help the user to understand the norms of the IT sector.


Communication becomes much easier with ICT.social as speed, time, and money can be saved for sharing information around. Learning a new aspect or resolving any error is much quicker on this platform.

Greater Availability

The website is open for communication which means beginners and pro users can communicate with each other anytime. Moreover, the option for answering the question and private messages to resolve query has increased the availability of resources.

Creation of Jobs

The best advantage of ICT.social is it enables users to create job opportunities for themselves by learning and excelling as much as they can. Through advancement in technologies job opportunities like web designers and computer programmers have increased.

Source of Education

ICT.social platform provides new opportunities for further education to improve qualification in IT sector. By learning and gaining experience one can hold a job and still do a degree.

So, these were some of the major advantages of joining ICT.social platform and there is no charge for joining the community. It’s totally free to use. Although there are charges for online courses they are worth buying.

Also, the community offers many great features for learning as well as sharing knowledge. The team is working hard to help other programmers and coders to learn something which they have passion for.

Don’t hesitate and join the community if love doing coding and programming. It will be fun learning with excitement. You can also share your valuable knowledge with others and become a tutor.       

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