Microsoft 70-483 Exam – Resources You Can Use to Prepare

If you watch the news every day, you will notice that technology is everywhere. There is always an article or a blog related to technology on the Internet and this is because it is an integral part of our life. Technology has been growing at a very fast rate and for the most part, it has been quite beneficial to mankind. Most technologies that are open to the consumers are helping them in one way or another, and that is why the companies from around the world are trying to produce more and better products.

If you are working in the IT field, you need to make sure that you keep your skills up-to-date. Since technology is moving forward so quickly, new techniques are introduced every day. That is why as a professional you need to make sure that you are able to keep up with the pace and adapt to the changes. The best way to do it is go for an IT certification. Especially, if you are trying to learn something new.

With a certification, you will be able to gain new skills and also have a credit to show for your new-found talent. There are a lot of certification vendors that offer numerous credentials. One of them is Microsoft, but in order to get hold of a specific Microsoft Dumps, you need to pass one or two exams. In this article, we will be focusing on the Microsoft 70-483 test and the MCSA: Web Applications certificate.

Exam Details

The Microsoft 70-483 exam is the perfect test for the programming enthusiasts as it measures their practical and theoretical skills relating to the C# language. For this certification exam, you need to know a thing or two about programming languages. And also, you need to know that you have to be at least 18 years old to be eligible for it.

Now coming to the actual exam. Please note that it can have around 60 questions. The number of questions is not fixed so you should be prepared for any quantity in the range of 40 to 60. One thing that is fixed is the time limit. When you are taking Microsoft 70-483, each student will have exactly 120 minutes to attempt all the questions. The questions in this test are all based on the multiple-choice format therefore it is important to manage your time.

Of course, to pass this certification test, you need to cover all the objectives that the exam entails. Thus, you need to study the following subjects:

  • Implementing data access;
  • Debugging an application and implementing security;
  • Creatingand using types;
  • Managing a program flow.

To cover all the topics, you need to use reliable resources that will help you during your preparation process. Let’s explore the possible places where you can find such study materials.

Top Preparation Resources

For those who do not know, the Microsoft 70-483 exam is all about programming using the C# language. C# is among some of the most popular programming languages as it can be used in a number of applications. If you are someone who loves programming and wants to become a professional programmer, you should go for this certification test.However, if you are planning to take this exam, you need to make sure that you prepare for it properly. Regardless of your current experience, you will need to work hard to pass this test. So, let’s talk about the main study materials that you can use to prepare for the Microsoft 70-483 exam.

The first place you should visit is, of course, the Microsoft website. The company offers all the needed materials on each certification exam page. There is always a small episode from the Prep Talk section, where the IT experts talk about the test itself. There are also links to the community, where you can find answers to the questions you have. You can also go for self-training and learn with the help of different modules. You can find more than 20 results if you search for C#.If you like to learn through books, there are a couple of those that you can use to prepare for Microsoft 70-483:

  • Exam Ref 70-483 Exam;
  • C# Programmer’s Study Guide;
  • MCSD Certification Toolkit.

Another resource that you can use is Microsoft virtual lectures. These lectures are conducted by the certified Microsoft instructors. With the help of these training videos, you can prepare for all the exam topics. All the material is presented in a clear and easy way so that any students with different knowledge base can understand and enlarge it right away without any trouble.

The last preparation source that you can visit is Exam-Labs, this website offers a ton of study bundles for various certification exams. The bundle for Microsoft 70-483 is equipped with everything that you will need to pass this certification test. It comes with a study guide as well as a collection of training videos. Both of these resources will be enough for you to cover all the exam topics. If you are still worried about what kind of questions you will have to answer in the test, the included practice questions will help you in this regard. You can also use these questions and answers to evaluate your strong and weak areas. Exam-Labs also provide its users with valid braindumps, this prep tool can help you practice without leaving your home.


Having knowledge and skills in programming helps a lot in our modern world. So if you want to make ityour career choice, you should consider taking the Microsoft 70-483 exam. Passing it will show the employers that you are actually good at programming in C#. If a recruiter sees that you have passed this certification test, it will increase your chances of getting a better job. That is why you need to put all your efforts and use all the required study materials in order to gain high results. Good luck!

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