Is Custom Web App Development Popular During COVID-19?

It is clear that when people come together, they can achieve anything. And that can’t be more evident than it is today.

It’s a time when people have combined efforts, a year where the great nations of the world have embraced friendships. After all, we’re all fighting the coronavirus as one.

But who or what is to thank for all of that? Yes, technology.

Through custom web development, working remotely is a reality.

Businesses like Facebook, Amazon, and HubSpot were among the very first to enjoy Custom Web development application services. It has greatly benefited and boosted the performance of these companies. And during COVID 19, it’s become even more popular.

In this post, we analyze the world of software app development, to see, the impact it has had during this pandemic, it’s growth curve, and what the future looks like.

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But first;

What is Custom Web App Development?

Simply put, custom application development is the art of designing software for a specific user group in an organization. This custom software addresses specific needs in that business, much better than the traditional software.

Where to Get Custom Web App Development Service

The complex design and integrations are only done by professionals. Anyone less, can only give you basic services. It’s better to hire a development shop for special software projects.

While at their hands, you get;

  • Access to the project management tool, where you’ll get updates on the progress
  • Direct contact with the engineers
  • Regular brainstorming and analysis of the next milestones
  • A chance to talk with the Company founder, if need be.

The Influence of Custom Web App Development during COVID-19

At the very least, this pandemic has taught us one thing, that working, transacting, and even learning is possible, online. Thanks to the evolution of software, and tools like Toggle, Harvester, and Rescue time, you can now, manage the organization resources, better.

Since COVID 19 hit, there’s been a 70% increase in digital activity. For example, the E-commerce industry has made over 175million which represents a 5% increase, from previous years.

On the frontline, digital tools like SOMRAS have played a big role in identifying symptoms, contact tracing, and in communicating results. In essence, software development application has influenced the management of the disease.

The Growth of Custom Software Development Industry

Just like other new trends in the market, no one would have ever predicted that web app development services would skyrocket exponentially. Looking back, it almost seemed like the sector had hit a standstill.

But since the outbreak of coronavirus, there’s been a surge in demand for software applications services. And as more businesses go digital the room for growth looks even bigger. Top engineers are now working harder than ever to ensure organization activities run smoothly. They are constantly improving apps like;

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

COVID 19 and AI have had somewhat of a symbiotic relationship over the past five months. One’s increase has seen the other grow. Yes, in recent times, digital interactions through mobile apps have been a great success as people continue to stay at home.

Crucial services like banking, food delivery, healthcare, and retail are now possible online through Artificial intelligence.

Augmented Reality AR/VR

User experience is also made easy with the help of AR and VR. People in the Education, Automotive, and real estate sectors have had a seamless time working from home.

Beacon Technology

Through Beacon tech, the user experience is more personal. That means you can transact online and still feel like you’re interacting with a human on the other side. The hospitality industry has greatly benefited through this app.

How Custom Web App development looks in the Future

To say the least, the App and Software development space looks set to explore the uncharted grounds. And the introduction of digital tools like Chabot’s, shows that the future is even more promising than we thought.

In the future;

  • Remote digital teamwork will be the norm
  • Conferences will be virtual
  • Local sourcing and 3D printing will rise
  • Education will more in the Online space

Basically, it’ll be the beginning of a new digital era.

Final Thoughts

Custom web app development is gaining traction, and every business must find a way to go digital. After all, it’s the only glimmer of hope amidst all the chaos right now.

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