W3Schools Offline Version Download 2024

Here you get the link for w3schools offline version download (latest full website).

W3Schools is an educational website that provides web development tutorials. It covers topics like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP.Net, SQL, and many more. W3Schools is getting more than 35 million visits per month and it is the most popular web development website on the internet. The tutorials are very helpful for beginners to learn web development. It also provides thousands of examples and facilities to edit and execute them online.

The biggest drawback of W3Schools is that you can’t access these awesome tutorials without the internet. Fortunately, I have found a great solution to this problem. So in this article, I am sharing the link to download W3Schools offline version for absolutely free.

Steps for W3Schools Offline Version Download

1. First of all download the compressed zip file from the below link:

Download Link: https://github.com/Ja7ad/W3Schools/releases

2. The file is about 600 MB in size and will become about 2.4 GB after extraction. Use any compression tool like 7zip to extract it.

3. Now go to folder w3schools and then open the index.html file.

4. This will open the W3Schools offline version website. Make sure you have any browser installed on your computer.

W3Schools Offline Version Download
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You will not get all the features in W3Schools offline version but still, you will get many. Comment below if you are facing any problems in downloading and using it.

167 thoughts on “W3Schools Offline Version Download 2024”

    1. There are few softwares that can be used to download any website for offline use. The best software for this is HTTrack.

      1. Shaibu Bashir A

        You guys has done a bundle of great job. Kudos!
        I love programming,
        I want to learn to be able to function as a mathematician.

  1. This is an awesome to learn the concept. But i am getting one problem while i am using "Try it yourself" in offline mode, then i am not getting any Result… please tell me the solution….

    Email Id- [email protected]

    1. If you’re runing just HTML, put the code in any plain text editor and save with .html ext. run in your web browser, if you running PHP install a local server in your PC, and for other tools just download and run from local machine… I think that should work fine.

    2. it doesn’t work because that “work it yourself” feature is not in the website itself , when you click on it it takes to another to try your code , which requires the interference of the tryit editor and also the compiler which runs your code so yeah, you need internet connection for that .

  2. Boss, can u upload w3schools latest offline version? plz upload their latest website in offline

  3. Thanks to w3school offline,

    but one think i don’t understand

    How to convert 100MB into 2MB ? Please shear with us or e-mail me.

    1. bro its not possible to compress 100 mb into 2 mb some wesite which are showing this there motive is only to earn money with ads and servey

    1. Thanks !
      Downloaded. But it seems old(2011 contents), i need current(2016) w3schools tutorials.
      Please check.

  4. I am trying to extract the archive.7z but am getting this error that windows cannot access the specified device, path or file….bla bla bla
    What could be the problem?

  5. hai, i’m download zip file and extracted and run the default.htm file this file was run properly but problem is when press the link it can be download file .asp format plz help..

  6. when I click defalt the home page is loading. Buttfrom there no link is working. When clicked on any tutorial link it shows that “this type of files harm your computer. Do you want to keep default.asp anyway?”. And no further loading. Pls give me a solution.
    My mail id:[email protected].

  7. after downloading the w3 schools offline the homepage was visible. but when i am clicking some lang like Php or mysql it is automatically downloading in the browser

  8. thanks. I’m having problems with access to the internet, i live in a less urbanized place where you’d spend a lot to travel just to have access to the internet.

  9. I am finding it difficult to leave the home or default page it came with. if i want to explore another topic it tells me that “This page cannot be displayed” please what should i do to fix this. thanks.

  10. I am really happy to glance at this weblog posts which carries tons of useful information,
    thanks for providing these kinds of data.

  11. Thanks sir…but after downloading the w3 schools offline the homepage was visible. but when i am clicking on other links like Php or mysql its showing source code instead of web page in the browser

  12. Sir i have done graduation in bcom and now i m interested in learning web development and i m also learning it online from w3 school
    But when it come for job everyone says that you have graduation in bcom and you have no bca degree or any diplome in web development … so help me sir what i can do .?

    1. Computer Science related degree is the basic criteria that companies look for. But it doesn’t mean without computer degree you can’t get job in development field. Just learn the technology very well and build your skills.

      Good Luck!!

  13. Unfortunately examples do not work. Thank You!

    site is offline now so it will help to read theory.

    Best regards,

  14. Maine download kar Liya hai but mujhe extract krne pe khi pe v default.html nhi Mila aur dusre file pe try Kiya to bas notepad open ho Jata hai .ab Mai aage Kya Karu?

  15. Mr. Neeraj Mishra !

    it is good enough . We are getting knowledge by this platform .
    and your blog really reliable .

    So, thank you very much to provide this.

  16. can’t download it.

    showing add only..
    I didn’t see anything on top right to skip for next page.
    can u suggest clearly.

  17. Hi, I say thanks to you Mr. Mishra!
    Your works very help most of us.

    Just asking a question, I find a few XML tutorial in the offline version, did you diminished the number of contents of the actually w3 site, or it just missing?

  18. ill try to download w3school 2017 but i still face error, ill follow the instruction in video that i watch but i’am not proceed when i was skip this add the website that i site is .sy.sh/10a. Help me to download it thankyou

  19. Are you sure this is the latest contents of W3S?
    Can you mark the Date of “collection”?

    About the “try it yourself” issue, I use the consoles of developer tools on FF n Chrome plus an editor line Notepad++, cnp the content of a example, modify it in NPP, save a local version, then launch the page in the target browser, 4 sortcuts for 4 different browsers.

    As of examples focussing on Javascript, I strip the example off the functioning part, then “Inject the code” using console command line.

    Though a bit nasty, but it works for me.

  20. Hello Neeraj Mishra,
    It’s nice & thanks for sharing.
    Please try to update a copy of tutorialpoints and studytonight.

  21. hi sir i am venkatesh thyadi i am a student i know some basic . how to improved my knowledge how to get a job in to sofware company give any solution for me thank ful [email protected] that my e mail id pls give replay

  22. Charles Keni George

    Thanks a zillion times for this “W3Schools Offline Version Download 2017 [Latest Full Website]”! it worked perfectly for me offline like I’m online, exactly what I’ve been searching for… The Try it yourself, worked pretty well, showing both the codes and the result just as I want. well-done Sir!

  23. This is an awesome to learn the concept. But i am getting one problem while i am using “Try it yourself” in offline mode, then i am not getting any Result… please tell me the solution….

  24. I’ll like to get in contact with the page admin.. There are some PC (Private Conversation) talk. I’ll be expecting to hear from you.

  25. Leonard Lucky Ojojo

    Thanks for this man. But not all of the pages are able to open – especially the ‘Tryit Editor’.
    Great work though, thanks.

  26. abdullah al nahid

    abdullah al nahid
    February 8, 2019
    hi sir i am abdullah al nahid, i am a survice hulder i know some basic . how to improved my knowledge how to get a job in to sofware company give any solution for me thank ful . [email protected] that my e mail id pls give replay

    Reply ↓

  27. Can anyone help me how to save the offline file on the computer?. I already downloaded the offline version but it won’t allow me to save it on my computer unless if i subscribe and agree the terms and condition. Whom among here saved the file using the offline version?

  28. Hello bro, its not the latest one. Its still jan 2020 version not the 2021. Hope you update the latest 2021 version

  29. Mohammad Jawid Farooqi

    Thanks for the upload !
    Sir, Can you teach us how to publish the user written comment inside of website like this website work.
    Thanks !

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