Enterprise Architect vs Solution Architect

Nowadays, several job profiles in the IT field allow you to work in an organization. Some of the two significant positions are enterprise architect and solution architect. Both the professionals are an architect in the broad term but still contain several differences. Hence if you were also confused about enterprise architecture and solution architecture, read this crucial article.

Here we are going to cover the information about enterprise architect vs solution architect. Along with this, we will also cover their roles and fundamental differences that will help you to differentiate between these two.

What’s An Enterprise Architect?

An enterprise architect is a technical professional who has experience filling the loopholes or gaps between the company and its IT architecture structures. This professional is liable for planning and executing the roadmap of the company’s vision and goal. They also build up the link between the internal management of the company with the external environments.

However, you may think the solution or the technical architect is the same as the enterprise architect. But there is a massive difference because the EA manages the complete IT project of the company; however, the solution or technical architect visits the two or three projects. The EA has an in-depth understanding of the architecture solutions and valuable information about the component level.

Role of An Enterprise Architect

You have learned about enterprise architects and might also be willing to know about their work and responsibilities. Here are some crucial roles that an enterprise architect performs and keeps the organization filled with several important IT projects.

  • Help the organization to determine the IT goals of the organization and meet the given goals.
  • It ensures that the business environment and external environment are correctly interconnected.
  • It tells the organization about the competitor’s IT infrastructure and keeps competitive with significant initiatives.
  • The enterprise architect also informs the organization how the IoT, Blockchain, and other advancements in AI can benefit the organization.
  • There are many other roles that an EA or enterprise architect can perform. But these are some of them that, most commonly, an EA does.

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What’s A Solution Architect?

The solution architect is the professional working around the IT field and solely responsible for the overall vision of the particular project. This professional works on the solutions that can become usable for the business. It also requires adherence to the predefined roadmap by management so it can meet the continuous need. However, the solution engineer needs to work after implementing the project as well. Because the requirements to update or repair such solutions are ongoing. The solution architect also recognizes the business strategies for the upcoming opportunities and keeps filling the need of technical and non-technical professionals. So the internal environment of the organization stays productive and working.

The solution architect keeps analyzing the constraints, comparing them and thinking about various types of the solution. They also have to ensure the given solution matches the project’s goal, and mostly they also work as the project manager. Their goal is to ensure the given IT projects are in working condition and offering productive consistency.

Role of A Solution Architect?

Here are some of the roles and responsibilities of the solution architect that differentiate them from other IT experts.

  • The solution architect analyzes the needs of the organization in terms of technical vision.
  • They also execute complex activities and sub-activities to implement new technology in the company.
  • The solution architect checks whether the IT applications have any problems or not; if there are, then they fix that as well.
  • They also need to build or connect enterprise architecture and technical architecture.
  • Thus, they need to know about the technical and internal activities of the business.
  • While working on the project, they analyze the risk and the solution to build the best solution.
  • Moreover, many other activities do not belong to their job. However, still, they do implement the successful implementation of the work.

Enterprise Architect vs Solution Architect

Enterprise Architect vs Solution Architect

  Enterprise architect Solution architect
Key Goal For Problems And Solutions Finding and defining the problem is the critical work conducted by the enterprise architect. Finding the ideal solution for the given problem is the critical job of a solution architect.
Scope Of The Work The enterprise architect needs to look around all the IT projects for a better outcome.


The solution architect generally analyzes and works with the 2-3 projects with their current job.


Strategic Efforts They need to work closely with the upper level of the management and plan several aspects. Hence the enterprise architect needs to possess high strategic knowledge.


Generally, the solution architect requires a medium level of strategic efforts as they have limited projects to work with.


Interaction With The Management And Team They communicate with the whole organization at various levels.


Generally, they communicate with the dedicated team or teams for the specific solution they need to find out.


Example Of Roles They need to plan the blueprint or the roadmap of the organization for strategic planning. They also need to focus on the IT guidelines and the given principles.


Usually, they implement the guidelines and the instructions given by the enterprise architect.


What’s The Deliverable Plan the EOL strategy, look for the need for replacement of the technology. Build a well-structured roadmap of the IT documents.


Testing designs, giving training to other professionals, designing infrastructure and applications are some of the deliverables of the solution architect.


Technical Knowledge They need a high amount of technical knowledge to understand the framework and detect errors.


They need detailed knowledge about the technology, so they come up with the solution.



The enterprise architect is the person who fills the gap between the organization and the IT infrastructure that it uses. In contrast, the solution architect manages two or three IT projects and finds the relevant solutions.

Thus, today we discussed the enterprise architect vs. solution architect. And we included the definition, key roles, and the difference between enterprise architect vs. solution architect. Thus, I hope now you will not find any confusion regarding these two job profiles.

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