Top 10 Exchange Rates API Features

An API is a set of code that can be utilized in a web application or a mobile application in order to receive and transfer data. The primary function of an API is to facilitate the mechanism of interaction between the users and the system. Specifically, an API carries out the user’s responses to the system and system’s responses to the user.

An Exchange Rate API is specifically a network of databases that stores the information regarding the international central banks and maintains an up-to-date record of the different international currencies and their interconversion. The exchange rate API can be very conveniently utilized in any mobile application or web application to access the exchange rate tracker.

One of the most popular and convincing exchange rates API is you could use

This API is one of the most prominent options out there in the marketplace and has a lot to offer to the users.

Users can make use of this API to get access to the up-to-date currency exchange rates. This API is easy to use and implement, and with the GET and POST methods, you can request your required currency conversion rates. So, let us shed some light on the incredible feature that this API has to offer! 

Exchange rates API – How does it work?

The implementation and utilization of exchange rates API in your code is relatively easy and straightforward. The first thing you will need is the API key which is usually provided by the API that you are using. Once you have that, you can use it along with your requests to fetch data through the API.

This API comes with proper and detailed documentation so that you can seek guidance and help while working within your website or mobile application. You might need to upgrade your subscription when using this API depending upon the volume of requests that you intend to use via your website or application. 

Top Features of Exchange Rates API

Top 10 Exchange Rates API Features-min

Different Endpoints

Exchange rate API is successfully utilizing more than 170 currencies from the world. This API serves various endpoints which work for different purposes. The endpoint offers different functionalities such as receiving data regarding different currencies, converting from one currency to another, and preserving the API daily in case of data fluctuation. 

Data Coverage and Reliability

Exchange rate API supports more than 200 currencies including some prominent digital currencies like Ethereum and Litecoin. The best thing about this exchange rate API is that before dispersing the data to users, it collects the data from numerous reliable providers and blends them statically. If you go for their paid plan, you will be facilitated with rate updates from 5 to 30 minutes.

Easy to Use and Access

Another commendable feature of this API is its user-friendly access. Developers can just use the Exchange rate API’s documentation and code samples to get started with integrating its capabilities into the web application. It returns data in JSON format, which is quite easy to comprehend and translate. 

Free Access Available

You can get access to the Exchange rate API for free. You can use this API without any paid plan as long as you like. It allows 250 requests every month for free, and the rates of the currency update every hour. In order to get facilitated with the pro features of Exchange Rate API, you can sign up for the paid plan anytime you like and explore more.

Impressive Customer Support

Exchange Rate API offers the best customer support to its users. They ensure that they provide long-term and consistent support to every version of the API if their customers face any hindrance while working with the API.

Best Uptime and Maximum Availability

Exchange Rate API excels in providing the best uptime which is closely monitored regularly. Exchange rate API is very closely observed to ensure that users are served with the best possible API uptime. Exchange Rate API makes sure to offer maximum availability and consistency of its REST API. As per the official documentation, the average uptime percentage for the preceding 12 months was slightly less than 100%.

Easy Creation of API Key

For getting started with this API, you must create an API key. With the Exchange Rate API, all you need to do is register yourself on Once you have registered yourself successfully, you will receive a token on your dashboard. 

Callbacks of JSONP

Exchange Rates API comes with the incredible feature of JSONP callbacks. This feature allows you to provide a function that can be passed as a callback GET parameter to the API. This convinces the API to respond to your request that is concealed into a function. 

Affordable Pricing

Another factor that makes Exchange Rate API more credible is its affordability. The pricing plan of Exchange Rate API starts from $10/month. They accept payments through all major payment options, including Paypal. This API is ideal and best for start-up companies, developers, and other major companies alike.

Precise Documentation and Top-notch Security

Exchange Rates API implements excellent security measures and practices to protect its data correspondence. For securing the API, Exchange Rates is utilizing 256-bit SSL encryption, ensuring maximum safety. To connect the API through SSL, just use the HTTPS protocol rather than using HTTP. Furthermore, Exchange Rate API is offering very comprehensive API documentation for convenient use.


In this blog, we have provided a comprehensive overview of some of the top features provided by the Exchange Rate API. We can agree to the fact that the features this API is offering are worth applauding. The Exchange rate API proves its worth by providing authentic currency information and remarkable uptimes. 

With exchange Rates API, you get access to the comprehensive libraries of the currencies along with the information related to historical data. Developers can access the free plan initially and start using this API right away!

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