9 Different Types of Microcomputer

Do you have a microcomputer in your home or office? Many people are not familiar with the type of computers or the types of microcomputers. And hence this question can sound weird, but not to worry. In this article, I will explain microcomputers and different types of microcomputers. So, if you are assuming this article will be interesting, keep reading.

What are Microcomputers?

The microcomputer is also pronounced as the personal computer, and by build, it looks like a small computer. These computers have microprocessors and other components such as ram, CPU, storage device, and many more.

Microcomputers are smaller than large computers, and only one person can use them at one time. Now the microcomputers have become one of the common types of computers available to people. And laptops, tablets, and personal computers are some of the examples of microcomputers.

These computers are powered by a single-chip CPU and have a small device that makes them portable. For personal use and office purposes, these computers are ideal and inexpensive compared to other computers.

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9 Different Types of Microcomputer

9 Different Types of Microcomputer

Below are the types of microcomputers that are covered comprehensively for detailed information.

1. Desktop or Personal Computer

Personal computers are one of the widely used types of microcomputers. Here, the tower or CPU connects with other hardware devices such as a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. So the user can get a fully functional microcomputer for their home or office work. Generally, people like to build their personal computers as these computers are affordable and offer multiple features.

Now the computers can get connected with the wifi as well as LAN network connections. But there is a drawback that these devices are not as portable as laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

2. Workstations

The workstation microcomputers are one of the high-end microcomputers that can share data with the server. The workstation phrase means the function or the task executed by many computers in a network environment. These microcomputers are wholly interconnected with other computers in the organization. And the primary purpose of this computer is data sharing through the business network environment.

Using workstation microcomputers, organizations can centralize the work process. And by gathering all the relevant data, they can maximize the efficiency of the official work. Moreover, to increase the storage space, these computers can also be connected with the servers.

3. Tablets

Tablets are one of the most common types of microcomputers, and most people use these devices. As their screen sizes are more significant than smartphones and also very handy by design. The user can conduct the input and output activity on its LED or LCD that offers touch operating facilities. And for the network connection, the user can use the wifi connection facility.

Moreover, the tables offer various features such as users can access the word processing and spreadsheet software. That can become useful for the office workers and the students. Nowadays, many tablets are available, such as Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, and more.

4. Smartphone Devices

Smartphone devices are another useful and widely used type of microcomputer. These are small devices that offer a touch interface and various functionalities. The user can use the camera to click pictures, call, access networks, store files, and do many other tasks.

In these devices, the user can also download the application and use such applications in their Android or iOS-based smartphone. Nowadays, many companies manufacture smartphones such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Micromax, Xiaomi, and so on.

5. Laptops

The laptop is the compact and portable version of a computer and one of the common types of microcomputers. These devices have a touchpad, LED screen, camera, keyboard, stereos, and storage device. If you are an office person who needs to travel at any time. Then you can consider the laptop as your personal computer.

Because it offers the same functionality and the features you get on the computer. But these devices are portable, and you can travel by carrying these devices. However, you can face problems like overheating, maintenance, low performance, and more with this type of microcomputer.

6. Full Tower Microcomputer

Full tower microcomputers are the full version with having ample space compared to mini-tower. And this type of minicomputer also holds a lot of ports and space for the hardware components.

These tower minicomputers are storage devices, motherboard, ram, graphic card, and other hardware components. These minicomputers are great if the user has more budget and sufficient space to accommodate the computer.

7. Server Microcomputers

These computers are also like other computers but much more powerful by the features and functionalities. With the help of such minicomputers, the organizations can render the information into another terminal using the WAN or LAN.

Most of the severe microcomputers are designed or developed to meet the specific goal of the organizations. And these goals can be running HTTP servers, mailing servers, and any other types of server connections.

8. Personal Digital Assistant Devices

PAD is the short phrase of Personal Digital Assistants. These devices are smaller than other microcomputers, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. These devices come with an LCD and work with the help of an integrated battery. The device also has a keyboard or a button that can be pressed using a pen.

The user of PDA commonly uses a pen with a PDA device because it has tiny keys with dense space. These devices are outdated as modern smartphone devices can also work as the PDA, even as the advanced PDA.

9. Mini Tower Microcomputer

Mini tower microcomputer is also considered as the type of microcomputer. It has a mini-tower that is comparatively smaller than the large towers, uses compact hardware components, and has fewer ports or connectivity features.

However, the computer can become more portable and be placed under a small table because of its compact size. If the user has less space to accommodate the computer, they can look for this microcomputer.


So, microcomputers are computers that are smaller in size than large computers. And these computers run with a single-chip processor, have ram, storage devices, power supply, and many other hardware components. Moreover, there are various microcomputers such as smartphones, personal computers, laptops, PDA, microcomputer servers, and more.

Thus, I hope now you are aware of the term microcomputer and the types of microcomputer. If you think this article can help others, you can freely share this information.

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