APILayer Launches New API Marketplace

APILayer is the cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) market leader and API service provider. 

Let’s know more about their recent launch, but before that, we will go a step further and know what “API Marketplace” is and understand more about it.

APILayer Launches New API Marketplace What is API Marketplace?

API marketplace is the user-friendly hub for the public where API providers publish their APIs for partners and developers to consume. 

Creating the API marketplace is one crucial step in the monetization of API. 

The developer can set up the subscription tiers in your marketplace for monetization. It is one significant benefit of an enterprise.

Benefits of API Marketplace

If a company, like APILayer, thinks of following the defined business line based on APIs, the API strategy may succeed in creating the API Marketplace.

To understand better why here we will look at some benefits:

API Marketplace makes consumers know about their APIs

Developers will browse this API Marketplace until they come across the APIs that offer the right features that they desire.

Better participation

API Marketplace has forums that imply valuable communications networks that allow the public to know the market demands when offering feedback.

Encourages use and development of APIs

In such API Marketplace, you will find all types of educational material– from online events to guides. Without any doubt, they’re a valuable resource for creating apps that need APIs use and APIs creation.

APILayer API Marketplace

The APILayer developed the marketplace intending to support developers in scaling up their businesses safely and hassle-free.

This launch will expand their current 20+ API-based products and bring seamless and effective microservices to more than one million developers.

This marketplace will help developers debut 40+ new APIs, expanding their current APILayer’s 20+ API products.

With this marketplace, developers can find developer-ready APIs for any kind of app and use case – you just have to check the marketplace & enjoy the automation!

Another important thing is this marketplace brings ahead both paid and free versions in categories like Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Security.

Top Features of APILayer Marketplace

  • It helps developers to monetize their APIs
  • Provides centralized user experience in the fragmented API ecosystem
  • Eliminate operational overhead
  • Look after significant security concerns
  • Build scalable apps and functionality within 10 minutes
  • Have both free and paid solutions

To know more about APILayer’s latest API marketplace, visit their website at https://apilayer.com.

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